Ayb Club Q1/2016

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Ayb Club and Ayb Educational Foundation. It has been 10 years since Ayb’s ambitious and revolutionary ideas and projects shape a new image of Armenia. Thanks to the time, responsibility, professional qualities and financial investments of a group of visionaries, the results of Armenia’s educational developments and competitive force are more tangible now than ever in the past decades.FB eng
During these ten years Ayb Club has grown about five times. Today 38 supporters have rallied around Ayb Club’s mission – bright individuals from different corners of the world, whose unity, faith, and dedication as well as material recourses have helped secure Armenia’s educational future.

The list of members who have recently joined the club include ARC Media Company’s Chief Editor Natalya Shirikyan (Russia/Armenia), Sahak Petrosyan – Asset management/Investment banking  (USA), entrepreneur and real estate and medicine industry investor Arsen Galstyan (Russia), and mathematician and analyst Ara Hayrapetyan (USA). Welcome to the Ayb reality!

On February 5th of this year, several Ayb Club members gathered in the very same Moscow apartment, where the first meeting of the initiative group took place ten years ago and where the foundation to what we now call “Ayb” was laid. Imagine a situation: a group of serious people, each with a pair of slippers, which have become a symbol of a warm, familial environment and good memories, in their hands knock on the door of the old apartment and ask the already new owners to spend a few hours there taking pictures, reminiscing and making new plans. The event was simultaneously being celebrated in Yerevan by Ayb Foundation and Ayb School teams. A live Yerevan-Moscow connection took place, and the parties congratulated each another.


Reflecting on our 10-year activities, this year the Club has set out to develop the further strategy for Ayb. Within the framework of this undertaking the strategic goals of Ayb for the next five to ten years will be outlined, we’ll “check our watches” and continue our coordinated activities towards the bettering of education in Armenia.

This summer yet another group of students will graduate from the Ayb School and go on to excel in their chosen professions and further their education. Following their graduation Ayb students will meet Ayb Club members, who as older friends and consultants will continue to support them within the framework of the Ayb Mentorship Program.

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