Ayb School Q1/2016

Reflecting on the academic year’s first semester, we’d like to make note of a few interesting events:

  • Ayb School Biology teacher Mary Hovsepyan received an RA Presidential award. She was awarded with Movses Khorenatsi medal for her contribution to education and upbringing of Armenia’s future generation.


  • The Armenian Ministry of Culture has awarded Ayb School music teacher Arusyak Mantashyan a certificate of honor and the Grigor Narekatsi Medal for expanding the framework of the Nran Hatik (“Pomegranate Grain”) republican junior-theater festival and carrying on educational and cultural activities with children in regions.


  • Two Ayb School students received the annual Presidential Education Award in the nomination for “Best Student in IT Sphere.” They received trophies and financial prizes.


  • Herman Gref, the president of Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia, and Ruben Vardanyan, an entrepreneur and advisor to the president of Sberbank, visited Ayb School. After interacting with students and touring the school the guests were impressed by the environment and opportunities provided to our students. Ruben Vardanyan will be Ayb School’s guest again soon.

The traditional Ayb Games took place, bringing together all the Ayb community members around sports and ingenuity once again. All of the Ayb family was present including parents, teachers, students, graduates, Ayb Club members, school donors, and guests from both Armenia and abroad for a grand total of roughly 800 participants. The proceeds raised during the school fundraising event (1 million AMD) will be invested in the construction of the new building of Ayb School.

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  • In anticipation of Christmas, Ayb School organized its traditional holiday charity fair. The work of many great craftsmen from outside Ayb community and the hand-made pieces of our talented students and parents were featured at the fair. The day was full of wonderful impressions and many guests. Charity fair proceeds amounted to 1,25 million AMD, which was donated to the construction of Ayb’s new school building.


  • On the initiative of Ayb School and Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia, Ayb High School hosted the Hour of Code event toward the end of December. The Hour of Code is an international global movement which gives participants an opportunity to learn various programming languages and approaches easily through games and helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic, and creativity. The aim is to show the students that they are capable of not only using technological products, but inventing them as well.

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Let’s sum up the Republican Olympiads results of our students. A total of 13 students received diplomas in 7 subjects. Another 6 students received certificates.

Subject Student Grade Prize
English Daniella Donatelle 9th 1st category diploma
Emilea Simonyan 10th certificate
Tatevik Azoyan 10th certificate
Mathematics Alex Simonyan 8th certificate
Chemistry Hasmik Hakobyan 10th 2nd category diploma
Ashkhen Arzumanyan 10th 3rd category diploma
Biology Tigran Aghabekyan 12th 2nd category diploma
Tatevik Karakhanyan 11th 3rd category diploma
Sose Berberyan 12th 3rd category diploma
Sona Sahakyan 12th 3rd category diploma
Armenian Gayane Gabrielyan 10th 2nd category diploma
Artur Mirzoyan 12th 3rd category diploma
Evgenia Harutunyan 10th certificate
Naira Khachatryan 10th certificate
Liturature Artur Mirzoyan 12th 2nd category diploma
Gayane Gabrielyan 10th 3rd category diploma
German Tatev Martirosyan 12th 3rd category diploma
Russian Tatevik Azoyan 10th 3rd category diploma
Karine Hovhannisyan 12th certificate

Ayb School has no shortage of fun events, and this calendar year began with the Reading Day.

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On Feburary 19th, the school celebrated the day of book giving. A meeting-discussion on reading took place featuring Ayb School senior physics teacher, a great expert of literature Gagik Grigoryan, Ayb School board members Aram Mehrabyan and Ashot Aslanyan. The meeting was chaired by the school director Aram Pakhchanyan. These kind of meetings have always been a rich part of life at Ayb, when students not only attend classes, but reaffirm their love of education and importance of knowledge through interesting discussions.

Among the guests of the Ayb School in this year’s first quarter were:

  • Newly named Armenian Minister of Education and Science Levon Mkrtchyan, who spoke to the students about educational reforms,
  • IT programmer, Tumo Center “Programming the mind and body” course director Ruben Meschian, who met with the student within the beloved “Moments of Sincerity” format and answered students’ various questions.

Ayb Elementary School’s enrollment of first graders took place during the months of March and April. Thirty-two students were enrolled for the 2016-2017 academic year.

This year Ayb 4th graders will be the first to graduate from the Ayb Elementary School. By passing on a love for knowledge and education, our students will move on to the middle school with great expectations.

On March 22nd a concert dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the activity of the Karin and Tsovak traditional song and dance ensembles took place at Aram Khachaturian Concert. Ayb School’s AyBAr dance group surprised the audience with their humorous and high quality performances. In fact, some could not even stay in their seats and began to dance in the audience. The brilliant performance of the national dance troupe of the American University of Armenia, founded and led by one of our very own graduates, is worth high appreciation as well. In a word, Ayb as always stood out in the crowd of several tens of dance groups. Thanks to the tireless effort of founder and artistic director of Karin traditional song and dance group, RA Distinguished Cultural Figure and beloved teacher Gagik Ginosyan our students serve as an example of patriotic spirit and a high sense of belonging.


Our school also gains its wealth from the creative initiatives of our students. This year the photography group presented a new project entitled “We and our Ayb”, which impressed not only the Ayb community but was also vastly spread on the internet. Within the framework of the project Ayb students took photos of their classmates during a month time, using a Zenit tape camera, while asking the students the following questions: 1) If you could travel in a time machine, where would you go and why? 2) How do you see yourself in ten years? 3) What was the best day of your life? In addition to the pictures, which were very original and interesting, the answers to these questions were also intriguing. They all can be found within this link.


Students are also continuing our initiatives within the framework of their social responsibility. Two or three times a week students visit the Zatik orphanage to help students prepare for classes and do their homework. With this our students build a connection with the children of the orphanage, share the acquired knowledge they acquire at school and, most importantly, strengthen and spread the culture of philanthropy and social responsibility.

A few snapshots of the bubbling life at Ayb:

Moving on to the next reporting quarter, we nevertheless decided not to postpone spreading the news about another important event – the Ayb robotics team’s outstanding performance on April 7-9, in Marion, Ohio, USA. The team returned home from the renowned National Robotics Challenge with a silver medal as well as the prestigious Honda Innovation Award. Ayb School students have once again represented Armenia with honor on the international educational stage. This news has been shred and spread many times over. So let’s just wish our boys new victories and higher heights. Here are the links to some of the important media and news files:

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