Dilijan School Q1/2016

Ayb’s school in Dilijan was in the center of attention of the entire country when 4th grade student Anghela Matevosyan became the one and only winner of the “Meghu” Armenian Language Contest organized by Ayb Foundation. Anghela had the highest scores and became the sole winner from among all schools of Armenia and Artsakh.

Անժելա Մաթևոսյան
On February 26th Dilijan Central School science laboratory became a real medical center. 8th grade students deciphered their blood groups and Rh factors. They examined the blood samples, explained and interpreted the results of the study and published their data. This practical work reiterated the applicability of biological knowledge in everyday life.

Փետրվարի 26

On March 2nd a “Wood Artistic Development” master class was held by Dilijan’s famous master Gregory Hovsepian who was invited to teach in the 5th grade class. The master gladly shared his knowledge and skills with the students. Such meetings demonstrate the direct applicability of theoretical knowledge in practical life.

As a part of Dilijan’s community, Dilijan Central School highlights the cooperation with other schools in the community. The school regularly organizes visits, joint events and classes. One of the best examples of cooperation was the Apple Festival which brought together students from a number of schools. On March 4th students and teachers from the Haghardzin school visited DCS, and future cooperation frameworks were discussed.

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