Ayb Club Q2/2016

Ayb Mentorship Program: 67 alumni and 38 mentors

On May 17, the Ayb Foundation employees took part in a momentous event – the draw for the Ayb Mentorship Program. The management of the Ayb School and the Ayb Foundation as well as members of the Ayb Club witnessed the whole process. During this solemn and mysterious ceremony, Ayb School alumni are randomly matched with the Ayb Club members.

The draw linked each Ayb Club member with his/her [up to] three mentees. Thus, thanks to the Ayb Mentorship Program, the Ayb community takes the Ayb School graduates under its custody and guides them with advice, expertise and network through their 25th anniversary.


Why a draw? Draw is deemed to be a way of making a fair selection and as such, it has been even used by the apostles to choose the 12th one, as they believed the draw revealed the will of God. It is with this belief that the method of a draw was chosen for the matching of the Ayb Mentorship Program.

Ayb Club’s first gathering of this year

This year’s first gathering of the Ayb Club members – leading philanthropists in education – was held from June 25 to 27. As always, Ayb community members gathered in Armenia from various corners of the world to focus on “to dos” and programs aimed at the development of Armenia’s education sector and more specifically, the Ayb system.

Club meeting

Day 1, June 25

  • Commencement Ceremony of the fourth generation of Ayb School alumni. During this most solemn ceremony, Ayb School Head Aram Pakhchanian, Ayb Founder and Club member Ashot Aslanian and Ayb Club Board Chairman Artashes Shirikian gave touching and inspiring speeches. We said goodbye to our 67 educated and confident young people who entered big life with a clear vision, faith and expectations.

2 Club speeche_new.jpg

  • Ayb Economic Forum. The forum consisted of two parts. During the first part, the “Jurisdiction of Armenia” project aimed at working out a more effective jurisdiction model for Armenia was presented by Ashot Aslanian․ In the second part, Deputy Defense Minister David Tonoyan spoke about the work the Defense Ministry is carrying out at present. It was then followed by a Q&A with the Ayb Club members.
  • Solemn ceremony of Ayb Mentorship Program. Each Club member presented their mentees with an Ayb necklace, symbolizing the birth of an Ayb community member in a new status. The ceremony was followed by a friendly networking dinner where Ayb mentors and mentees had a chance to get to know each other better.

3 Club Artashes Shirikyan

Day 2, June 26

  • Extended session of Ayb Club’s Executive Board and other important working meetings, where a number of issues representing strategic importance for Ayb were discussed.

Day 3, June 27

  • Visit to Megerian Carpet Factory where Ayb Club members were introduced to the traditions of Armenian carpet making and visited the Museum of Handmade Antique Rugs and Carpets. The Ayb community spent interesting and fruitful time with their families, thus strengthening and enriching inter-community ties.

Traditionally, Ayb Club members come together in Armenia twice a year for three-day intense events. These gatherings are timed to the two feasts of the Holy Translators (one in June-July and the second in October) – the main inspirers of the entire idea of Ayb.

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