Ayb School Q2/2016

The Ayb School life is hustling and bustling as always. The school held and hosted a number of important events and projects in the reporting period.

Victories and achievements

From April 7 to 9, the Ayb School’s Robotics Club took part in the renowned National Robotics Challenge in Marion, Ohio, and returned home with a silver medal as well as the prestigious Honda Innovation Award. Ayb School students have once again represented Armenia with honor on the international educational stage.


From March 14 to April 16, Ayb School students participated in the Republican Subject Olympiads and took one 1st place, four 2nd places, eight 3rd places and six certificates.

On April 17, Ayb School students participated in the National Poetry Recitation Contest organized and administered by the volunteers of the U.S. Peace Corps in Armenia. Ayb students showed best results among 40 other participants at the regional stage of the contest and won two 1st places, three 2nd places and one 3rd place.

Tigran Aghabekyan

On April 22, Ayb School student Tigran Aghabekyan passed the qualifying round of the International Biology Olympiad (IBO 2016) and thus will represent Armenia in the 27th IBO 2016 to take place from July 17 to 24 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Armenia’s delegation consistes of four students.

On May 8, the national stage of the National Poetry Recitation Contest was held at the American University of Armenia (AUA), Yerevan. Ayb School students Susanna Kharatyan (8th grade) and Aram Adamyan (10th grade) took the 1st and 2nd places, respectively.

Events and activities at Ayb and beyond

On April 1, the Shakespeare Evening Contest dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the death of great poet and playwright William Shakespeare was held at Ayb School in collaboration with the British Council. During the one-hour event the participants unveiled interesting facts about the playwright most of which were a revelation for the audience.

plant a tree_new

On April 9, tree planting was organized at Ayb School. It coincided with the citywide tree planting. Ayb Middle School students as well as Ayb staff took part in this green event with great enthusiasm аnd planted 100 seedlings in the campus.

On April 15, a “Hot Air Balloon” debate was organized by the members of Ayb High School’s Debate Club. The topic went: the hot air balloon stuffed with people of various professions is falling because of being overloaded. Only one passenger can be rescued. Each participant had 3-4 minutes to prove that he/she is one to be saved as their profession is the most important.

On April 28, the Ayb School hosted the young and talented musicians from the “New Names of Armenia”. Young boys and ladies aged 10-18 performed works by Vivaldi, Konstantin Orbelyan, Aram Khachaturian and Komitas, and as Head of the School Aram Pakhchanian said, the audience received spiritual strength sufficient for the coming year.

names 11_new

The “New Names of Armenia” program was founded in 1989 by President of the Union of Cultural Workers and Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Armenia Silva Mekinyan with the aim to reveal and support new talents.

On the eve of May 9, Ayb School hosted an event dedicated to the victory in the Great Patriotic War as well as the liberation of Shushi, the ancient capital of Artsakh. The event began with an excerpt from “Hayrik” (“Father”), a movie featuring the beautiful dialog between father and son, and went on with touching poems by Armenian and Russian writers and inspiring songs dedicated to the Great Patriotic War performed by Ayb School students.

art week_new

On June 20, the annual Art Week kicked off at Ayb School. The five-day colorful event featured the works of Ayb School’s and Dilijan Central School’s art clubs. This year, master classes in engraving, macramé, pottery, ceramics, animation, batik and painting were also held within the Art Week.

On June 22, “Battle of Evermore,” Ayb School’s rock band, had an astonishing two-hour concert-workshop developed under the supervision of teacher Vahagn Papayan. Ayb Community members, including parents, students, employees and friends, attended the concert.

On June 24, the final reporting show of Ayb School’s art clubs was held. “AyBAr” traditional dance ensemble, the choir, the theater troupe and “Battle of Evermore” band performed. The graphic design group presented a video clip. Head of Ayb School Aram Pakhchanian awarded certificates of appreciation and diplomas to all students and persons that had honorably represented Armenia and their school on the international stage and had won a number of competitions, thus bestowing priceless moments of pride and honor upon the school.

final concert-new

On June 30, the presentation of projects by project-based learning clubs was held at Ayb School. One by one, all the 9 clubs presented the work and output of what they did over the year.

The Ayb School’s project clubs are:

  1. Science with Experiments Club – Project: Science Museum
  2. Media Literacy Club – Project: Ayb Media Platform
  3. Biotechnology Club – Project: Ayb Box
  4. Business and Entrepreneurship Club – Project: Ayb Corner
  5. Ayb Photography Club – Project: Each 38th
  6. Ayb Debate Club – Project: Ayb Debate Platform
  7. Ayb Robotics Club – Project: Ayb Clock
  8. Battle of Evermore Band – Project: Concert-Workshop
  9. Programming Club – Project: Ranking Pro

All members of the Evaluation Committee, among them Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Ayb Foundation Fr Mesrop Aramian, Executive Director of Ayb Foundation David Sahakyan, Head of Ayb School Aram Pakhchanian and Member of Ayb School’s Board of Trustees Irina Geyko were impressed by the students’ creativity.

Exchange of practice

Within the framework of traditional Aybapatum program, a number of students paid a visit to Achajur village on April 2 and conducted interesting lessons and scientific experiments for local students.

8 Ayb School.jpg

Interesting meetings at Ayb

Ahead of the Armenian Genocide commemoration day, Ayb School hosted graduate of and lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), co-founder of 100 LIVES initiative and Aurora Prize, founder of more than 38 corporations Mr. Noubar Afeyan. This great man and patriot shared inspiring messages and interesting thoughts with Ayb students. “Huge success is not for a big person, but for the one who has a big courage and strength,” he said. Noubar Afeyan’s visit highly impressed and inspired the students: each sentence Mr. Afeyan uttered was itself an idea that could be fulfilled.

Exciting moments

On May 27, the school said goodbye to the 4th generation of its graduates (67 students in total). They had prepared an amazing Last Bell program, which appealed to everyone – teachers, students, parents, and guests.

On June 10, Ayb Elementary School said goodbye to its first graduates – the 4th graders. Our younger students moved to the middle school with one very important thing – love towards knowledge and education.


On June 25, the 67 Ayb School graduates received their diplomas and Ayb Mentorship Program certificates. 2015 Alumni of the Year Diana Ghabuzyan and Narek Gabrielyan handed their honorable title over to the 2016 Alumni of the Year Anahit Anna-Mkrtchyan and Gevorg Khandamiryan. The commencement ceremony was followed by a meeting between Ayb graduates and Ayb mentors. The latter presented their mentees with symbolic “Ayb Mentee” necklaces, and the day was summarized at a special get-to-know dinner.


Ayb School admission


Admission for 2016-2017 ac. year ended in: Number of new students Total number of students

Elementary School

June 2016



Middle School

June 2016



High School May 2016

58 (10 from Armenian regions and Artsakh, 48 from Yerevan)


By the way, the 2016-2017 academic year will mark the completion of Ayb‘s K12 system, with students in all grades (from 1st through 12th).

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