Dilijan School Q2, 2016

In April-June, Dilijan Central School (DCS) lived a bright life with high spirits and enthusiasm and plenty of cool events and achievements.

Visits and meetings

In April-May the school hosted three artists. Painter Avetik Harutyunyun introduced students to the secrets of water coloring and imparted a number of skills in this way of painting. Two teachers from Dilijan Art School presented the types of embroidery and showed amazing samples of needlework that fascinated students, and they even started practicing decorative sewing techniques right away.

June 1 Children's day


Children’s Day (June 1) is the day when the school totally converts into an entertainment zone for students.granting students a big fun day. It’s the day when children carry in their bags balls, ropes, skis and anything else you might think of but not textbooks. The day was filled with laughter; children were riding bicycles, playing football, chess and ping-pong.

On June 1, the traditional Sport Land annual sports competition took place. Over 100 students, around 50 parents and 30 teachers participated competing in various games. The community’s active involvement in the Sport Land stands for the overall success of the event and directly or indirectly contributes to its “hidden” mission, i.e. promoting healthy lifestyle among children and strengthening inter-community ties.


Academic achievements

9th grade student Inesa Zakaryan participated in the Republican Olympiad in Armenian Literature and received a Certificate of Honor.

Four of the 79 DCS students recorded best results in 2016 Kangaroo International Math Contest in April of .

Best teacher

DCS Physical Education Teacher Nver Gharibyan ranked first in the Armenian Powerlifting Championship with 261 kg. He was competing in 110 weight category.

Exciting moments

June 14 was an exciting day for Dilijan Central School. DCS Elementary School said goodbye to 13 fourth graders who will from now on study at DCS Middle School. During the graduation event, they recalled their past four years at school and riffled sweet memories.

On June 27, DCS waved its 12 middle school students off to high school. We are sure this goodbye will turn into warmest hellos every time our graduates drop by – the school will be looking forward to them with arms wide open.

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