Ayb Club Q3/2016

In August, Suren Harutyunyan (Russia), consultant at globally known McKinsey & Company consulting firm joined the Ayb family and became an Ayb Club member.

Dear Suren, welcome to the Ayb community! Your personal and professional qualities will undoubtedly enrich Ayb’s work.


Thus, the Ayb Club brings together 39 members from various corners of the world united around the same cause.

July-September was a period of ground works aimed at organizing this year’s second gathering of Ayb Club members (the first was in June), including Club’s working sessions, Ayb’s 10th anniversary events, Ayb Economic Forum (AybEF) and a number of other events and meetings. This gathering was timed to the fall feast of the Holy Translators’ Feast.

In progress is the selection of Ayb’s anthem. All participants are expected to submit their versions of the anthem next quarter, while the selection itself will be held in the first quarter of 2017: the Ayb Club will vote to select the final anthem in accordance with the procedure set by the Board.

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