Ayb School Q3/2016

In the reporting period, a number of events took place at Ayb School, some of which will definitely enrich Ayb’s landmark list.

Victories and achievements

On July 17-24, our 2016 alumnus Tigran Aghabekyan represented Armenia at International Biology Olympiad (IBO) 2016 held in Hanoi, Vietnam, and won the bronze medal.

253 students from 65 countries participated in IBO 2016.

On August 28, historical Patmos Island in Greece enjoyed the sounds of Armenian medieval spiritual music. The Ayb School Choir performed musical pieces by Komitas, Makar Yekmalian, Daniel Erazhisht and Yervand Yerkanian. This was something exceptional for Armenian students as they introduced Armenian culture to the foreign audience and represented Armenia in the known Festival of Sacred Music.

The Ayb Choir spurred so much excitement among the guests and residents of the Island that the next day our choir and their brilliant performances were on everyone’s lips. Moreover, while in Patmos, our children held a flashmob in the island’s central streets singing spiritual songs. This impressive cultural campaign excited not only locals but also social media users (the video had 40.000 views in just 2 days!).

The glory the Ayb Choir enjoyed on Patmos is undoubtedly due to the consistent efforts and skilled directions of Artistic Director and Conductor Anahit Papayan.

On September 18, Ayb School’s “Battle of Evermore” band had its first open-air concert-seminar in Yerevan Lovers’ Park. The band performed pieces of such globally-recognized rock bands and singers as the Beatles, Supertamp, Extreme, Kansas, Kate Bush, etc. With their unique seminars, the Band aims to teach people to understand the music they are listening to.

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The Band comprised of Ayb School students and alumni was established three years ago by the students’ initiative. The students’ interest to the band grows day by day and just like in case of the choir, the graduates do not leave the band. Today, 25 students and graduates are involved in the band.

Ayb – an international exam center

By the July decision of ACT, a leading U.S. college admissions testing company, Ayb School was added to the list of ACT International Test Centers. The results of this international exam are accepted by all American universities.

On September 10, for the first time ever Ayb School and Armenia officially hosted the ACT exam. A number of applicants from various countries took the exam.

The American University of Armenia (AUA) accepts ACT test scores, thus students wishing to study at AUA or any of the U.S. universities have now an alternative.

Events inside and outside of Ayb School

On July 1, Learn by Working Annual Internship Fair was held at Ayb School. The fair presented an exceptional opportunity not only for our students and alumni, but also for business owners as both sides had vested interest in collaborating.

6-ayb-internship-fair_q3Our children had the chance to directly communicate with the business owners, learn about vacancies in the labor market as well as labor market development trends, while business owners, relying on their good practice of the past year, were doing their best to attract our students to work in their companies. Rejoicing was that most of the business owners that employed our graduates last year claimed that despite their young age Ayb School students are knowledgeable, conscientious and responsible as employees.

Various companies from the education sector to chocolate manufacturing, among them Ucom, Gourmet Dourmet, LegaLab, VivaCell-MTS, Locator, etc., were among the fair participants.

On July 3-16, AybAMAR summer program was held in camp format hosting its participants in Ereknuk Resort in the marvelous nature of Arzakan village. The camp aims to organize interesting summer recreation for Ayb Middle School children by engaging them in educational games and activities.

This year the camp had 8 participants (not only from Ayb Middle School but also peers from the Ayb community) who not only learned how to use their knowledge from natural sciences in the nature but also got to know what survival art is – terrain orientation, rock climbing, etc.

The number of participants is expected to reach 30 at next year’s AybAMAR.

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On August 23-25, Ayb High School students left for Sevan to participate in the most anticipated and challenging Ayb initiative – three-day army, when they became soldiers and learned how they should act in emergency situations (first aid, compass use, etc.). Especially memorable was the meeting with the two Ayb Club members – Ashot Aslanian and David Pakhchanian, who joined the students with informal talks on various inspiring topics.

Exciting moments

September 1: Ayb School welcomed 352 students in 2016-2017 academic year by celebrating a milestone – it was the first time the school opened its doors to students from 1st through 12th grades.

The old “dwellers” of Ayb were the ones to welcome the newcomers. The day started with traditional Lord’s prayer and a message delivered by Chairman of Ayb School’s Board of Trustees Fr. Mesrop Aramian. The flags of Armenia, Ayb School and Ayb Club were hoisted under the sounds of the Armenian anthem, thus signaling the start of the new academic year.

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The new academic year in numbers


Elementary School (grades 1-4) 141 (40 first-graders)
Middle School (grades 5-9) 89
High School (grades 10-12) 122
Total 352


Total 94

(25 Honored Art Workers, Masters of  Sports, Doctors and Candidates of Sciences, and  33 with 10+ years of pedagogical experience)

Initiatives of Ayb School students

On September 11, excited by their success on Greek Island of Patmos, Ayb School Choir held a flashmob in the streets of Yerevan to raise public awareness on masterpieces of our spiritual music.

Notable occasions

On September 23, Ayb School hosted this year’s first guest of beloved “Moments of Sincerity” program. It was Ruben Vardanian, businessman and philanthropist, Co-Founder of UWC Dilijan College, 100 Lives humanitarian initiative, IDeA Foundation and a number of other initiatives.


Ruben Vardanian answered students’ questions by revealing and presenting his philosophy of life, his priorities in life – from being humane and humanitarian to refraining from lies and setting goals.

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