Dilijan School Q3/2016

This quarter stood out with basically two milestones for Dilijan Central School (DCS) – September 1 events and a change in the school management.

September 1 arrived again to fill the school with joy and cheerfulness. DCS had prepared for the Knowledge Day and the new academic year with care – from Lord’s Prayer to warm and encouraging words of welcome, congratulations and activities.

The 2016-2017 academic year in numbers


Elementary School (1st to 4th grades) 55 ( 14 first graders)
Middle School 63
Total 118
 Total 32

(8 Doctors and Candidates of Science, Masters of  Sports, trained or with a teaching experience abroad, and 16 an with 10+ years of pedagogical experience)

On September 22, changes in management of DCS took place. The Board of Trustees of the Dilijan Central School Foundation unanimously voted to appoint Aram Mehrabyan as the Head Dilijan Central School. The decision entered into force starting October 1. Aram Mehrabyan is member of Ayb Club and Ayb School Board of Trustees and head of Printinfo Publishing House.

Sona Koshetsyan, founding Head of Dilijan Central School, will hold office of Deputy Director of the Ayb Education Foundation and manage the enrolment of Araratian Baccalaureate schools to be opened in Armenia and Artsakh within the framework of the National Program for Educational Excellence and the expansion of AB school network.

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