Ayb Club Q4/2016

Ayb Club started the fourth quarter of 2016 with numerous exciting events and closed it with a number of other activities and big plans for the next year.

Second annual meeting of Ayb Club

2016 was a jubilee year for Ayb – it is now 10 years since the birth of the idea of Ayb Club and the Ayb Educational Foundation. The anniversary event was celebrated from October 7 to 9, within the framework of the second annual meeting of Ayb Club.

On October 7, Ayb Club members met to discuss a number of operational issues, including establishment of club committees and their role in the Ayb structure.

In the evening of the same day, a big public event of educational nature was organized in Cafesjian Sculpture Park (Cascade). Interesting open classes and scientific experiments were conducted for passers-by and guests of the park in open booth-classrooms placed right in the park. The evening was concluded by a special concert performed by students and alumni of Ayb choir, Battle of Evermore rock band and AyBar dance group. Ayb stood out for its originality and advocating the topic of education among the general public. The fellow citizens and guests of the city who witnessed the celebration took great pleasure in the open classes and the concert performed by our students.

At the end of the day, Ayb Club members met again to discuss the issues related to Ayb’s strategy.

On the next day, October 8, a series of master classes was organized at Ayb School. They were delivered by Ayb Club members, world-renowned specialists David Yang (co-founder and Chairman of IT companies ABBYY, iiko, and Findo, USA), Ruben Harutyunyan (entrepreneur, Founder and General Director of Henderson-Russia Group of Companies, Russia), and Aram Pakhchanian (Vice President of ABBYY, Head of Ayb School, Armenia). The following topics were covered:


More than 200 guests – young people, beginner and experienced entrepreneurs, students and pupils, Ayb community members attended the master classes on these interesting and actual issues.

On the same day, the Ayb Economic Forum – AybEF – was organized at Ayb School, and within the scope of the forum, Ayb Club members met newly appointed Prime Minister of the RA Karen Karapetyan and discussed issues related to economic development in Armenia in the coming years.

The day ended with a beautiful event, Jubilee Evenings, when Ayb Club members, together with their families, club members, and Ayb School graduates, gathered in the warm Ayb environment to communicate and celebrate the significant moments in their lives in the current year.

Ayb Club 1-new.jpg

The already traditional annual Ayb Games took place on October 9, uniting the entire community (several hundreds of people) around sports and intellectual games. During the event, everyone was surprised by the students of the Science with Experiments Club, who demonstrated extremely interesting experiments in chemistry and physics, involving the audience. A charity fair was traditionally conducted during the event, and the funds raised in the amount of AMD 1,034,230 were used to purchase new musical instruments for Ayb School’s Battle of Evermore rock band (by the way, the band already enjoys their new drums in rehearsals and concerts).

At the end of the day, Ayb Club members met again to discuss the issues related to the document on Ayb’s development strategy, selection and approval of Ayb’s hymn, and other current issues.

Another member joined Ayb Club

On December 8, a new member sharing the ideas of Ayb joined the Club – businessman, founder of Nor Zovk supermarket chain, Aram Aramyan (Armenia).

Development of Career Counseling and Tuition Fundraising Guide in process

The guide that is being developed for Ayb High School students and graduates contains comprehensive information on their further study, from the choice of HE institutions and  admissions to the options of fundraising for scholarship.

Regular meetings of Ayb Club members

The already regular meetings of Ayb Club members, particularly those held in Moscow, are conducted for community-building purposes, as well as in order to discuss the Club’s internal matters.

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