Dilijan School Q4/2016

On  October 1, the International Day of Older Persons was celebrated in Dilijan Central School. The students had prepared beautiful cards with touching and sincere wishes and words for the kindest creatures of their childhood – grandparents. You can read and see for yourself how deep the imagination of our children is when describing their grandparents:

“My grandmother is like a smiling sun, because she always smiles and warms me up.”

“My grandfather is like an apple, as he is red-cheeked and very fond of apples.”

“My grandfather is like an ant because he is very hard-working.”

On October 20, DCS hosted a group of students from Aknaghbyur’s basic school. The children made a tour in the school, learned about the school’s events and culture, and at the end of the meeting had a friendly football match with DCS’s students that cheered up the young guests.

At the end of October, a remarkable Armenian-spirit master class was held for DCS’s students. The students were shown the national musical instruments and told about their performance peculiarities. The master class was conducted by DCS’s music teacher and Goght band. Parents and teachers also attended the master class.

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November 17 marked a very important event for DCS: by the initiative of the Tumo Center in Dilijan and Ayb School in Yerevan, and with the support of DCS’s specialists, the school’s Fablab operated with a  renewed vigor. The group was headed by Narek Tashchyan, a specialist invited from USA. Owing to that cooperation, a 3D model of a furniture piece was created, and the manufacturing of the furniture is now underway.

On November 18, one of the DCS’s most awaited and colorful festivals, the traditional Apple Festival, was held, which flooded the school routine with positive and vigorous energy. The festival held for the third consecutive year was attended by Dilijan’s basic schools No. 5 and No. 6, Dilijan’s high school, and Yerevan’s Ayb Middle School. The students not only actively participated in game contests, but also made interesting “apple” surprises and performed songs and dances.

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In November, the DCS 7th graders hosted a group of students from the SOS-Children’s Villages Armenian Charity Fund. The meeting started with a tour of the school and followed by a dance class and physics experiments in the science laboratory.

On November 16, four students of the DCS – Vahan Safaryan, Anna Amyan, Hayk Khachikyan, and Norayr Amirkhanyan, participated in one of the most popular TV shows for students in Armenia – “The Cleverest” intellectual contest game. Our students performed brilliantly in the semi-final. By December 20, Vahan Safaryan and Anna Amyan reached the final, and though the students did not win, they stood out with their huge stock of knowledge.

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