Ayb Club Q1/2017

Ayb Club has been expanding

During the first quarter of 2017, four new members joined Ayb Club:

  • Artur Janibekyan, Founder of Comedy Club Production (Moscow, Russia),
  • Arthur Tovmasyan, Founder and President of International Food Technologies LTD (London, Great Britain),
  • Arsen Ghazaryan, General Director of Apaven company, President of the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia (Yerevan, Armenia),
  • Artur Alaverdyan, businessman and owner of ProfHolod company (Moscow, Russia).

Thus, since its establishment, the Club has had a fivefold increase in membership, and today it unites 44 members around the Ayb cause, from various corners of the world, who constantly support the Ayb projects and ensure their vitality and development.

Mentorship Program

Meeting of Ayb School alumni with the students

On January 10, five alumni of Ayb High School who currently study at the University of California, Berkeley – Marina Chilingaryan (2014), Arman Tigranyan (2015), Nelly Petikyan (2015), Stepan Babayan (2015), and Gevorg Khandamiryan (2016) – had a highly interesting meeting with Ayb High School students.

The alumni shared their experience and details on the choice of the university and admission. They emphasized the importance of self-awareness in the admission process along with ability to distinguish important matters, boundaries of interest and happiness. Their advice was to never give up and have faith in own selves. The alumni also talked on integration into a new country and environment highlighting the importance of self-control and the ability to find similarities with representatives of different cultures, while at the same time realizing the importance of and preserving own identity.

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At the end of the meeting, all speakers stressed the significance of being part of the large Ayb Community and the sense of its strength and belonging wherever in the world one is.

On March 24, with the goal of sharing her experience, Ayb School alumnus of the year 2013 Lana Andreasyan held a meeting-discussion on UX (user experience) design. Lana, who currently studies computing and cognitive sciences and speculative design at the University California, San Diego, talked about design fundamentals to her junior friends as well as on creating convenient and comprehensive stuff. The students then fulfilled interesting tasks which would help them understand the importance of designing comfortable stuff, why being into art is not necessary to become a designer and that design is beyond aesthetics.

The meeting helped the students cast a different look at things that surround them and ponder over and study a new design trend.

It should be noted that such meetings by the Ayb alumni with the students will be ongoing in order to strengthen the mutual bond between the generations and to develop the culture of horizontal mentoring.

Meetings between the Ayb Club members and their current and future mentees

Within the framework of the initiative to foster relations and communication between mentors and their future and current mentees, on March 3, Artak Oganesyan – member of Ayb Club and of the Board of Trustees of Ayb School, Deputy Director at EPAM System’s Business Development Department, held a master class with the students of Ayb Middle and High Schools and alumni on the theme of “Jobs of Tomorrow.” Discussed topics included modern professions and services, as well as the personal qualities and skills required to enhance today to keep pace with the current technological development in the world.

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Artak Oganesyan concluded his meeting by highlighting family values, noting that “in pursuit of progress one should never forget loving and respecting family and relatives.”

Establishment of the Ayb Alumni Club

Since the opening of the Ayb School, the fourth generation of students has left the school stepping into a new life and today four promising generations of Ayb students proudly carry the title of Ayb School alumnus. Over these years, we were constantly rejoicing by their success and victories and what makes us especially proud is their significant involvement in the public, cultural and educational life of our society. It’s high time to help them come together around their own ideas and establish the Ayb Alumni Club which will foster their self-education and mutual education and will multiply their opportunities to carry out acts of kindness having impact on society, as a whole.

Thirty-six alumni have expressed willingness and readiness to be involved in the establishment of the Ayb Alumni Club. The main dimensions of the first stage of activities of the Ayb Alumni Club have been outlined during joint discussions. These include the establishment of the structure of the Ayb Alumni Club and the internal mechanisms of the Club’s activities, alumni’s involvement in Ayb’s projects and joint work – from individual/team projects to groups, based on preferences.

Based on discussions with the initiator group and interests of the group members, the following issues and areas have been distinguished for further joint work:

  • Horizontal mentorship;
  • Involvement in teaching processes at the school;
  • Issues related to higher education;
  • Development of alumni career;
  • Implementation of joint projects;
  • Organization of various events;
  • Administrative issues related to the Ayb Alumni Club.

With regard to the mentioned areas, discrete task forces have been set up which have undertaken to:

  • organize the first joint event for Ayb School students and alumni in May;
  • help current students prepare for final exams by holding Friday meetings and Happy Hours in the school;
  • get involved in teaching process in Ayb School acting as teacher assistants, starting from September.

During the summer holidays, it is planned to hold a get-together of Ayb School alumni of all years in the format of hiking or conference.

The works on developing the Ayb Alumni Club and the establishment of the Club will be among the priorities of the Ayb Mentorship program this year.

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