Ayb Foundation Q1/2017

National Program for Educational Excellence / NPEE

NPEE in England

From January 10 to 15, the team of the National Program for Educational Excellence (NPEE) left for England where it had 14 working meetings with globally known nine specialists from the University College London (UCL) Institute of Education (IoE).

The improvement of the Araratian Baccalaureate (AB) teacher development program as well as approaches to AB subject delivery and syllabi development were in the focus of the visit. The discussions also covered various textbook and curriculum development approaches, the employment of which might have significant impact on Armenia’s general education system.

First AB graduation exams in Armenian Language and History and Armenian History

From March 6  to 10, the AB Examination Center held the first AB graduation exams in Armenian language and literature and Armenian history. Overall, 35 students of 12th grade took the exams.

AB’s recognition by universities continues

During the first quarters, the number of universities recognizing the AB increased by five:

  1. Vienna Medical University (Austria),
  2. Bristol University (UK),
  3. Leeds University (UK),
  4. Bath University (UK),
  5. Manchester University (UK).

Thus, the AB is today officially recognized by a number of leading educational institutions in the world. Accordingly, the AB enables its students to get admitted to top universities around the world based on their results or be granted credits in those universities, and all that without additional exams. Works aimed at the recognition of AB by other universities are carried out round the year depending on precisely which universities the AB alumni more choose to apply to.

Another group of Ayb School teachers completed the AB teacher development program

On March 7, one more group of teachers (a group of nine) presented their research works thus completing the AB teacher development program. It also meant that the long-term testing of the program was also finished and on March 15 the involvement of teachers from Artsakh and Armenian regions commenced.

21 schools were involved in AB school candidacy phase

On March 15 it became known that this year the AB school candidacy phase will kickstart in 21 schools offering the high school program: 20 in Armenian regions and one in Stepanakert. This means these schools will be able to be certified starting from 2018 and offer the AB program, including the AB curricula in one class. Upon their wish, schools may also opt to offer the program in the entire school.

AB Twitter Principals

The final selection of these candidate schools has been made based on։

•    individual visits to preselected 27 schools from February 22 to March 10;
•    individual meetings of the teams of those 27 schools with the members of the AB

Candidate School Selection Committee held on March 11-12.

As a reminder, 54 schools in Armenian regions and one school in Stepanakert had applied to offer the AB program. Based on the study of the submitted applications, these schools have been distributed as per the year they will enter the candidacy phase.

Involvement of teachers in the AB professional teacher development program

The involvement of teachers in the Araratian Baccalaureate teacher development and certification program started on March 15 enabling teachers from Armenia and Artsakh to get enrolled in the program. The program, which is free for all teachers, has been elaborated by the Ayb Educational Foundation, in collaboration with the University College London (UCL) Institute of Education (IoE).

Those people are eligible to apply who:

–    have relevant qualification in pedagogy (Bachelors, Masters, diploma (for five-year higher education)) or at least 5 years’ pedagogical work experience in the past 10 years;

–    teach one of the following subjects: physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, Armenian history, Armenian language and literature;

–    study in the last course of their Masters program, specializing in one the above-mentioned subjects, with the possibility to obtain pedagogical qualification.

The deadline for submitting applications was April 10.

 It should be noted that the selection of the teachers will be done on a competitive basis and the priority will be given to teachers from AB candidate schools. Afterwards, the selection priority “curve” will go down to teachers from schools located close to AB candidate schools, regions where AB candidate schools are located, regions neighboring AB candidate schools, and Yerevan.

The involvement of teachers of other subjects forming part of the AB curriculum will start in the fourth quarter of this year.

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AB candidate schools attend Ayb Teacher Conference

From March 31 to April 1, Aghveran, a mountain resort in Armenia, played a host to the 3rd Ayb Teacher Conference – a rare educational event in Armenia. For the first time ever the conference hosted not only teachers from Ayb School and Dilijan Central School but also over 20 teachers from 11 Araratian Baccalaureate candidate schools located in Armenian regions.

Overall, more than 100 teachers took part in the conference.

The goal behind inviting the teachers of the Araratian Baccalaureate candidate schools was to promote exchange and practice and communication between them and the Ayb schools, introduce them to the community of teachers that have taken part in the AB professional teacher development program as well as to their research works.

What made us especially happy was that the participation of these teachers in the conference reaffirmed their faith in Ayb’s mission. To learn more click here.

School Contests


In the first quarter of 2017, the following main activities were carried out:

  1. summing up the results of Meghu 2016;
  2. summing up the results of Russian Bear Cub 2016;
  3. preparatory works for the national stage of the World Robot Olympiad;
  4. conducting Kangaroo 2017;
  5. preparatory works for the semifinal and final rounds of the seventh All-Armenian Tournament of Young Chemists (ATYC) .

Summing up the results of Meghu 2016

All participating schools received reports on the results of their students. Students that have registered the best results are already known, and the names of the winners will be revealed in the near future.  The award ceremonies will be held in late May-early June, jointly with the award ceremonies of the Kangaroo 2017 and Russian Bear Cub 2016 contests.

We would like to remind that Meghu 2016 was held on October 27. 36803 students from 945 schools of Armenia and Artsakh took part in the contest.

Summing up the results of Russian Bear Cub 2016

All participant schools of the Russian Bear Cub 2016 contest also received full reports on the results of their students. We would like to remind that Russian Bear Cub 2016 was held on November 15 and the contest was attended by 8183 students of 2-12 grades from a total of 313 schools – 300 schools from all regions of Armenia and 13 schools of Stepanakert.

396 participants of the contest were awarded prizes; 91 of the students showed best results.

Groundwork for the national stage of the World Robot Olympiad 

The materials of the invitation package have been developed already, the tasks and the procedure of holding the Olympiad have been translated, the data of the schools invited to participate in the Olympiad have been updated, etc. A total of 1257 schools from all regions of Armenia and Artsakh have received full packages that contain the information regarding the start of the national stage of the WRO 2017 and their participation in it. The deadline for participation is April 28.

This year WRO national stage will be held in June through July.

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Kangaroo 2017

On March 16, for the ninth consecutive year in Armenia and the seventh consecutive year in Artsakh, the Ayb Educational Foundation organized and held the Kangaroo international school contest in mathematics that is the most popular and mass contest in the world. 40,500 students from 1024 schools – 939 schools from Armenia and 85 schools from Artsakh – registered for the contest.–. Kangaroo 2017 contest’s right answers were published on the website on April 18, the winners will be known in mid-May, while the award ceremony will be held in late May-early June.

Groundwork for the semifinal and final rounds of the seventh All-Armenian Tournament of Young Chemists (ATYC)

This year, the semifinal and final rounds of the ATYC will be held in Ayb School on April 22. We would like to remind that the quarterfinal of the ATYC was held in Ayb School on November 26 and registered a record number of participants from Armenia and Artsakh – 43 teams, 208 students, and 70 coaches and supervisors.

The teams solved problems, which were checked by the experts from the jury, and then the names of 12 teams that had advanced to the semifinal were announced. They are Evrika from Vanadzor, Rubin from Gyumri, Photon from Gyumri, Karborund from Gyumri, WIN from Abovyan, Oganeson from Yerevan, Sirius from Yerevan, Monteaberd from Artsakh, Argon from Yerevan, Helios from Hrazdan, Alchemic from Abovyan, and Heratsi from Yerevan.

It should be noted that Argon from Yerevan decided to not participate in the semifinal and final rounds of the tournament.

National Song and Dance Academy

The National Song and Dance Academy presented in Moscow

On March 14, the delegation of the National Song and Dance Academy (NSDA) presented the activity of the Academy, its current and planned projects to the Russian partners, close friends, and the Armenian community.

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It was an evening of making new acquaintances and consolidation of like-minded people, to which a special spirit and inspiration was communicated by the dance with swords and Yarkhushta folk dance performed by Gagik Ginosyan, the NSDA’s co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees. The guests enjoyed several other performances followed by a master class. The audience delighted in our ancient culture, learned Armenian dance movements, and felt and enjoyed the beauty of national culture.

In the result of the event, the community of Academy’s supporters was joined by seven new people; thus, currently 35 supporters from different countries constantly support the NSDA’s projects. Four of those present expressed willingness to support implementation of various projects.

Establishment of science center

The NSDA’s science center, which will ensure smooth operation and development of all aspects of the NSDA, has been established already, and currently recruitment of the center’s employees is in process. It is being gradually furnished with respective equipment.

Enrichment of the archive also proceeds. At this stage, it is already replenished with the necessary basic and essential materials. This process will be ongoing.

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