Dilijan School Q1/2017

Visits and Meetings

On January 20, DCS hosted Marine Buniatyan and Gerasim Mkrtchyan, the founders of the House Museum of Orbeli Brothers in Tsaghkadzor. They had an interesting conversation with the students, presenting to them not only the great contribution of the prominent Armenian scientists, Orbeli brothers Ruben, Levon, and Hovsep, to the development of science, but also the precepts by which they were raised.

“The truth that you are looking for is not material; you cannot hold or touch it. The truth will be born in your head itself, only if you quietly search for a long time, work, and study thoroughly the subjects that are taught…” This is an excerpt from the letter of Orbeli brothers’ father Abgar Orbeli to Ruben, written in October 1899.

At the end of this interesting meeting, the guests presented the school with books related to the work of Orbeli brothers. The books immediately appeared in the children’s hands.

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In the second half of March, 5th grade students of DCS visited the Cafesjian Center for the Arts and the Little Einstein Science Museum.

In Cafesjian Center, they took part in the “In the Footsteps of David of Sassoun” program and saw “David of Sassoun” bas-relief by Artashes Hovsepyan. The children also watched important episodes from the epic of David of Sassoun, illustrated with comics that were joined to form a book just in front of the children, thus arousing great enthusiasm among the children.

In the Little Einstein Science Museum the children participated in scientific experiments, played several scientific games, became little Einsteins, and learned about numerous physical and chemical phenomena.


Army Day

In late January, all corners of Dilijan Central School were filled with a strong military-patriotic spirit: 3rd grade students presented the event titled “Homeland, we are one stroke of your arm” dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Armenian Army.

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The event was honored by the presence of Haghartsin Monastery’s abbot Very Rev. Aristakes Ayvazyan, the commanders of the tank battalion stationed in Dilijan, soldiers, etc. The audience was touched by the students’ declamation, songs, and national dances. At the end of the event, the children presented the soldiers with souvenirs. The soldiers also gave a surprise music performance.

Book Giving Day

On February 21, combining three holidays – the birthday of Hovhannes Tumanyan, the great Armenian poet from Lori region, the Book Giving Day, and the International Mother Language Day, the 3rd graders of Dilijan Central School performed at a morning performance-lesson in the Knowledge for Development Center of the Central Bank of the RA in Dilijan. That day the children staged Tumanyan’s works and talked about episodes from the great Armenian writer’s life.

Great Barekendan

Great Barekendan is one of the most beautiful holidays of the Armenian calendar. And this was the reason why there were particular joy and liveliness in the school on January 14 – the children amused themselves, sang, danced, wore masks, played different games, and made sweets.  Watch the video to imagine fully the mood of the day. 🙂


This year for the first time, six students of DCS participated in the school round of the English language creative writing contest organized with the support of U.S. Peace Corps in Armenia. In total, 541 essays were handed in for the contest, and in the very first year of participation, three of the six students of DCS took the first place in the age groups of 6th, 8th, and 9th graders. The essays of these students will participate in the international round of the contest to be conducted in Tbilisi, and the results will be known in April.

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