Dilijan School Q2/2017

Victories and Achievements

Second place at National Poetry Recitation Regional Contest

On April 8, 8th grade student from Dilijan Central School Mane Grigoryan took the second place at the National Poetry Recitation Regional Contest held in Vanadzor. Mane’s recitation highly impressed both the jury and the audience.

The contest is organized by the volunteers of the U.S. Peace Corps in Armenia.

Events and Milestones

Russian poetry evening in DCS

In late April, the spirit of Russian poetry was soaring in Dilijan Central School, which hosted the Russian Poetry Evening – an event that aimed to strengthen students’ knowledge and understanding of Russian poetry and fill them with love toward it.

The audience comprised people of various ages. The reciters of the evening were represented by 8th-9th grade students, teachers, administrative staff members – they all recited verses from their most favorite poems, among them works by Pushkin, Lermontov, Yesenin, Mayakovsky, Vysotsky and other renowned Russian poets.

Graduation event at DCS

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This year, DCS waved goodbye to its fourth generation of graduates who had prepared a beautiful event. The graduates mostly focused on the most memorable and funny moments during their school life and addressed a message of gratitude to their school and teachers for the knowledge, support and dedication they received during their study years. At the end of the event, the first-graders handed over visiting-invitation cards to graduates as a permanent reminder of their school and a warm welcome there. Afterwards they staged a happy music performance, which was then followed by a beautiful dance of the school’s folk dance group. At the end of the event, all graduates were awarded souvenirs bearing the DCS logo made in the school’s fab lab.

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