Ayb Foundation Q3-4/2017

In early September, by the unanimous decision of the Board of Trustees of the Ayb Educational Foundation, Sona Koshetsyan was appointed Executive Director. Prior to that, Sona Koshetsyan had held the post of the Acting Executive Director.

“We are convinced that Sona will ensure the right microclimate in the organization and will set the right vectors for Ayb’s development. On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Ayb Educational Foundation and on my own behalf, I sincerely congratulate Sona Koshetsyan on her appointment and wish her bold accomplishments in the new role,” said Karo Sargsyan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Ayb Educational Foundation.

Sona New small

Sona has been with Ayb since 2009. She played a key role in the establishment and development of Ayb School and was Director of Development Programs at Ayb School. Sona was the Founding Head of Dilijan Central School and in October 2016, she was appointed Deputy Director of the Ayb Educational Foundation to lead the School Enrollment and Coordination Department of the Araratian Baccalaureate (AB) educational program.

National Program for Educational Excellence (NPEE)

As mentioned in the second quarterly report of the National Program for Educational Excellence, the AB graduation and university admission exams were held from June 1 to 14. Thirty-six students (12th graders) from Ayb High School, the first school offering the AB, took the exams.

After the marking and grading of the exams, the AB Admission Committee examined the applications of the AB applicants in accordance with the procedure elaborated with the Armenian Ministry of Education and Science and approved by the decree of the Armenian government, and passed a general decision by which the applications were distributed among state higher education institutions in Armenia for free and paid places.

Below you can see the Armenia-based and foreign states where the AB / Ayb High School graduates were admitted.

State universities in Armenia Private universities in Armenia Universities abroad
Yerevan State University

Yerevan State Medical University

Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinematography

American University of Armenia

French University in Armenia


Mander Portman Woodward (UK)

Peter the Great Saint

Petersburg Polytechnic University (Russia)

Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Russia)

Charles University (Czech Republic)

Ongoing efforts toward AB international recognition

The AB international recognition is an ongoing process and over the July-September period, negotiations were carried out with three universities:

  • University of Bristol (UK): thanks to negotiations, the University of Bristol accepted the AB certificate.
  • University of Manchester (UK): thanks to negotiations, the University of Manchester accepted the AB certificate.
  • Vienna University (Austria): negotiations with Vienna University are still underway.

Efforts toward the AB certificate recognition by a number of universities in Europe (UK, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, US) continue.

Besides negotiations with universities, negotiations are also carried out with the academic recognition agencies in Germany and Netherlands as it will foster and accelerate the AB recognition by the universities of those countries. Works are still underway. We’ll present more detailed information about it in the next quarter.

More holistic representation on UCAS

In early March, the AB was added to the joint system of Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) among foreign and international qualifications, such as the International Baccalaureate, the European Baccalaureate and other globally leading education qualifications, which is a major achievement.

In the third quarter, more precisely in August, all subjects delivered within the framework of the AB programs – both on standard and extended levels – have been added under the AB qualification, which gives a holistic idea of the AB.

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AB Professional Teacher Development and Certification Program

Official launch of the program

On July 4, the Araratian Baccalaureate Professional Teacher Development and Certification Program – a new and extensive program meeting international standards – officially kicked off. In total, 110 teachers from all Armenian regions and Artsakh will participate in the first phase.

Induction meetings of participants

Immediately after the official launch, the participants started the learning process – the induction meetings – in which the principals of AB candidate schools also participated. These meetings aimed to grant participants the chance to get acquainted with the newly establishing teacher community, for further effective cooperation.

Online group discussion with AB expert-trainers

The induction meetings were followed by the online group discussions of the reading materials and academic articles the participants were assigned.

Over the July-September period, the eight AB expert-trainers had 332 online group discussions with participants, with an average of three discussions a week. During the mentioned period, 14 articles were discussed.

First face-to-face meetings

On September 16-17, 107 of the participants of the AB Professional Teacher Development and Certification Program had their first face-to-face training in Ayb School.

During the meeting, participants discussed various topics, including professionalism, exemplary models of classroom activity, homework, etc.

To participate in the face-to-face training sessions, senior specialist from the University College London (UCL) Institute of Education (IoE), Dr. Jacek Brant arrived in Armenia.

Second face-to-face meetings

From October 30 to November 2, the participants of the AB Professional Teacher Development and Certification Program came together in Yerevan for the second face-to-face meeting.

During the meeting, participants discussed the following topic – conceptualization of teaching, assessment, its goal, giving feedback to students, integration of technologies in the assessment and feedback, self-learning, method of questioning, strategies for differentiating learning, experience research and selection of research topic.

Third face-to-face meeting

On December 16-17, Ayb School hosted the third and last face-to-face meeting. During the two day meetings, participants discussed the following topics – teacher as a learner and teacher as a researcher, expert knowledge, pedagogical and subject knowledge, community of practice, creativity and portfolio as an overall evidence of professional development.

It should be noted that to participate in the face-to-face training sessions, senior specialist from the University College London (UCL) Institute of Education (IoE), Dr. Jacek Brant arrived in Armenia.

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Elaboration of AB School Leadership (principals and vice-principals) Development Program

As mentioned in the second quarterly report, in June, training specialists from the UCL Institute of Education, International Leadership Development Program Director Jonathan Dale and Consultant Tony Richardson, were in Armenia. Following their June visit, the results of discussions with the principals of AB candidate schools as well as a number of documents regulating the Armenian education sector were sent to the specialists to have a more holistic idea of the Armenian education sector.

Afterwards, the UCL IoE specialists presented the draft action plan, which includes works to be carried out within their collaboration and the schedule as well as the draft structure of the AB Leadership Development Program.

To continue works aimed at the development and localization of the program, from October 3 to 6, Jonathan Dale and Tony Richardson paid a second visit to Armenia and for two days in a row, on October 4 and 5, they traveled to Kotayk, Lori, Armavir and Vayots Dzor regions. The specialists met with the principals and vice-principals of AB candidate schools and jointly developed the AB School Leadership Program.

The outcomes will be summed up in the near future, and based on them, the leadership standards and the draft program will be developed.

After the regional visits, the specialists had a meeting with Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Armenia Davit Sahakyan. Sona Koshetsyan, Executive Director of the Ayb Educational Foundation, was also present at the meeting. The goal behind the meeting was to learn about the Ministry’s stance on Armenian school management, leadership standards, and leadership role.

Individual visits to schools that can be certified as AB schools starting 2019

In September, the NPEE team continued individual visits to schools that are projected to be certified as AB schools starting 2019 (the number of these schools is 13: visits to these schools strarted back in May; however in May the NPEE team managed to visit only two schools). To this end, the team visited 11 schools in Armavir, Ararat, Aragatsotn, Tavush, Kotayk, Lori and Gegharkunik regions and got acquainted with their goals, learning approaches, environment, and traditions as well as to explore the areas that need further improvement. At least eight students and eight teachers participated in the meetings from each school. Based on the visits, individual reports were made for each school.

The representatives of these 13 schools will have a meeting with the members of the AB Candidate School Selection Committee in January 2018, after which it will be known which schools might offer the AB program starting 2019.

It should be reminded that the process of joining the AB school network started in 2016. In total, 55 schools offering the high school program from Armenian regions and Artsakh applied to join the AB (54 of these schools are located in Armenian regions, and one is located in Stepanakert). These schools have been divided as per the year they will start their candidacy; some of these schools have been offered other options for cooperation.

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Visit of Westminster School Head Master to Armenia within the framework of the Araratian Baccalaureate

From July 27 to August 2, Patrick Derham, the Head Master of Westminster School, was in Armenia within the framework of the roll-out of the Araratian Baccalaureate educational program to schools in Armenia, for the purpose of establishing cooperation and exchange of practice. Mr. Derham had arrived in Armenia at the official invitation of the Ayb Educational Foundation.

While in Armenia, Mr. Derham visited Ayb School, as well as UWC Dilijan, Dilijan Central School, Tumo Center for Creative Technologies, and American University of Armenia to get acquainted with the innovative projects and reforms carried out in Armenia’s education sector.

The visit of Chief Executive of Cambridge Assessment International Education to Armenia

On October 9, Armenia hosted Chief Executive of Cambridge Assessment International Education Michael O’Sullivan for the first time. Mr. Sullivan was in Armenia to sum up the three-year collaboration with the Ayb Educational Foundation within the framework of the Araratian Baccalaureate program, an internationally-recognized Armenian language educational program, and discuss further plans.

During the one-day visit, Michael O’Sullivan toured Ayb School, the first educational institution in Armenia offering the Araratian Baccalaureate, and got acquainted with the life at school, its technical possibilities as well as programs carried out by the students.

Afterwards, the Chief Executive had a meeting with President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan․ “We have a good partner in Armenia, the Ayb Educational Foundation, and our collaboration enables us to carry out the necessary reforms,” said the Chief Executive at the meeting.

Araratian Baccalaureate on international education arena

On November 15-16, within the framework of the National Program for Educational Excellence (NPEE), Head of the Araratian Baccalaureate Examination Center (ABEC) Tom Samuelian and ABEC Recognitions Specialist Ruzanna Mayilyan took part in the Annual Forum of the Council of International Schools (CIS Forum) held in Edinburgh, UK.

This year, more than 800 international schools and universities from over 70 countries from around the world, including Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Spain, took part in the CIS Forum.

Within the framework of the forum, the ABEC representatives presented to over 50 universities the internationally recognized Araratian Baccalaureate Armenian-language qualification as well as Ayb School as the first school offering the AB in Armenia.

“This two-day forum granted us not only an excellent chance to build professional networks with other schools, and more importantly, with universities, and to participate in various professional development sessions, but also to introduce the Araratian Baccalaureate qualification to the international education audience, thus fostering its international recognition by the leading universities in the world,” said Ruzanna Mayilyan.

Memorandum of understanding within the framework of the Araratian Baccalaureate

On November 23, the Ayb Educational Foundation and the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) signed a memorandum of understanding within the framework of projects carried out by them.

The two foundations will collaborate within the framework of the internationally recognized Araratian Baccalaureate Armenian-language educational program implemented by the Ayb Educational Foundation, and the education programs carried out by COAF in beneficiary communities. The memorandum is particularly aimed at exchange of practice between the two foundations with regard to their current projects and initiatives; development and employment of joint methodological guides, education and training tools; consideration of expert and professional potential and other resources; implementation of joint events at the SMART Center being built in the village of Debet in Lori region and at the SMART centers to be built in other regions. It is also aimed at rendering support to the development processes of the Araratian Baccalaureate candidate schools, including schools in Armavir, Lori, Shirak, Tavush and Aragatsotn regions.

On behalf of the Ayb Educational Foundation, the memorandum was signed by Executive Director Sona Koshetsyan, and on behalf of the Children of Armenia Fund the memorandum was signed by Acting Executive Director Innesa Grigoryan.

Director of the National Program for Educational Excellence Fr. Mesrop Aramian, COAF Founder and Chairman of the Board, Dr. Garo Armen and representatives from the two foundations were present at the signing of the memorandum.

New phase of Araratian Baccalaureate Professional Teacher Development Program

On December 13, the new phase of involvement in the Araratian Baccalaureate Professional Teacher Development Program kicked off. The deadline to submit applications is February 1.

Those people are eligible to apply who:

  • have relevant qualification in pedagogy (Bachelors, Masters, diploma (for five-year higher education) or at least five years’ pedagogical work experience in the past ten years and teach or want to teach one of the following subjects: physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, Armenian history, Armenian language and literature, Russian and English;
  • study in the last course of their Masters program and specialize in one the above-mentioned subjects, with the possibility to obtain pedagogical qualification.

The selection of the teachers will be done on a competitive basis and the priority will be given to teachers from AB candidate schools. Afterwards, the selection priority “curve” will go down to teachers from schools located close to AB candidate schools, regions where AB candidate schools are located, regions neighboring AB candidate schools, and Yerevan. Applicants from Yerevan can participate in the selection stages only if they are willing to work in AB schools in Armenian regions and Artsakh. In case of equal conditions, preference will be given to applicants from regions.

Participation in the program is free of charge for all participants.

To participate in the program, please visit here to fill in the application form. The stages and steps required for joining the program are available here.

School Contests

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World Robot Olympiad 2017

On July 11, for the second time, the Ayb Educational Foundation held the national stage of the World Robot Olympiad (WRO), one of the most large-scale robotics competitions in the world. This year, seven teams from various schools in Armenia took part in the competition.

The teams competed in pre-selection rounds, which were then followed by the final round where the competition was really tough. Eventually, the team Kaizen of Ayb School was announced the winner of the national stage of the WRO 2017.

The theme of the WRO 2017 was Sustainabots: Robots for Sustainability. The mission this year was to build a robot that makes the region more sustainable in one of the following four goals — affordable and clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, climate action, and life on land — thus making the world a better place.

Davit Sahakyan, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Armenia, was present at the competition. “This is the second time the competition is held in Armenia. It is highly important that the geography of the competition expands. Considering the competition embraces 21,700 teams around the world, we should spare no effort to make the number of participating teams grow in Armenia as well. The high participation rate in the world is not accidental considering the current global developments in the field of robotics. I hope and I am sure that this competition will spur the development of robotics in Armenia,” he said.


Kangaroo international summer camp

From August 1 to 10, the three winners of Kangaroo 2017 traveled to Poland to participate in the math summer camp organized in Zakopane. With quite a busy schedule the participants also took part in various interesting tours, math classes, games and sports competitions.

The trip to Poland and participation in the camp were the main prize awarded to the three winners.

Kangaroo 2017 and Meghu 2016 winners at the Armenian President’s residence

Traditionally, ahead of Knowledge Day, the winners of Kangaroo 2017 and Meghu 2016 contests as well as prizewinning students that had recorded the best results in each of the RA marzes, in Artsakh and in each of age groups visited the Armenian President’s residence. This year, their number totaled 35; however, only 32 were present at the meeting (three of the prizewinners were not in Armenia that day).

President Serzh Sargsyan congratulated all prizewinners, and wished them new achievements and successes. Afterwards, the Armenian President and the Minister of Education and Science handed over leather-covered certificates to students that had recorded high results; the winners were also awarded medals.

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After visiting the Armenian President, the children left for the patriarchate residence in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, where they were received, welcomed and blessed by His Eminence Archbishop Nathan Hovhannisyan. The meeting was then followed by a tour in one of the museums of the patriarchate residence. The children returned home with immense inspiration and new impressions.

Letters of acknowledgment to contest organizers and subject teachers

At the end of September, ahead of Teachers’ Day, the Ayb Educational Foundation awarded certificates to the organizers of the Kangaroo, Meghu and Russian Bear Cub contests and to the teachers of the students that had recorded best results.

In total, 2212 organizers and 1067 teachers received certificates.

New Year tale for children

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On December 25, the little winners of the Kangaroo and Meghu contests took part in captivating New Year and Christmas events in the Armenian President’s residence. The festive events began with the solemn switching on of the Christmas tree lights.

School contests held in fall

Meghu Armenian Language Contest

On October 26, Over 38,000 schoolchildren from 991 schools in Armenia and Artsakh participated in the fourth Meghu – Armenian for All contest.

The tasks and correct answers of the Meghu 2017 contest were published on www.meghu.am website on November 9, and in January 2018, all participating schools will receive a report on the results of their students.

The award ceremonies will be held in Armenia and Artsakh in late May.

Russian Bear Cub 2017

On November 15, 8900 students from 339 schools in Armenia and Artsakh participated in the most large-scale Russian language school contest – Russian Bear Cub 2017. The tasks and correct answers for the contest were published on November 29.

It should be noted that the award ceremony of this contest will also be held in Armenia and Artsakh at the end of May.


2017-2018 All-Armenian Tournament of Young Chemists

On November 25, Ayb School played host to the quarterfinal of the 8th All-Armenian Tournament of Young Chemists, which embraced 40 teams, around 200 young chemists from Armenia and Artsakh.

During the quarterfinal, the teams solved test problems, which were then checked by the expert committee. Afterwards, the results of this stage were presented, and an unprecedented number of teams made it to the semifinal.

The following 13 teams will compete in the semifinal – Alkimik from Abovyan, Photon from Gyumri, Atomner from Dilijan, Adrenalin, Bnaget, Helium, Heratsi, and Oganesson from Yerevan, Helios and Proton from Hrazdan, and Evrika and Luys from Vanadzor.

The semifinal and final rounds of the 8th All-Armenian Tournament of Young Chemists will be held in April, 2018.

Selection of Kangaroo 2018 problem package

From October 11 to 15, Lucerne city in Switzerland hosted the 25th annual meeting of the Kangourou sans Frontières International Association (KSF), which embraced around 180 representatives from 74 countries, including Armenia.

Gagik Grigoryan, KSF’s authorized representative in Armenia, and Shoushan Karapetyan, Manager of School Contests Department at the Ayb Educational Foundation, represented our country at the annual meeting this year also.

During the annual meeting of KSF 2017, the results of the Kangaroo 2017 contest were summed up, ongoing organizational issues were discussed and, most importantly, the full package of problems of Kangaroo 2018 were selected. The package of problems of Kangaroo 2018 includes 168 problems for grades 1 to 12. Armenia holds the contest for 3rd through 12th graders and therefore the Armenian package includes 144 problems.

Kangaroo 2018 will be held in March.

Representatives of School Contests Department in Costa Rica

From November 10 to 12, employees of the Ayb Educational Foundation, coordinators of the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) in Armenia Anna Mkhitaryan and Argishti Stepanyan left for Costa Rica to participate in the international stage of the WRO 2017 as observers.

This year, 392 teams from 53 countries took part in the international stage.

“Armenia is among the 66 WRO member countries, and Armenia’s participation in the international stage, as a country that has been holding the competition since 2016, was highly important, since the experience drawn from various countries and delegations that have been participating in the WRO for many years now can stir the development of the Olympiad in Armenia,” said Anna Mkhitaryan.

It should be reminded that this year, Ayb School’s Kaizen team was named a winner. To participate in the international stage, the national stage winning team should overcome an additional test and meet certain standards. Kaizen did very well in the test; however, the team’s results were slightly insufficient than the set standards, and thus the team did not participate in the international stage.

Next year, the national stage of the World Robot Olympiad will take place in Yerevan in early July, and the international stage will be hosted by Thailand in November. Creative Educational Technologies LLC is the exclusive sponsor of the WRO national stage in Armenia.

National Song and Dance Academy

In the third quarter of 2017, the National Song and Dance Academy (NSDA) Cultural and Educational Foundation carried out a number of works and recorded significant results and achievements.

NSDA 1.png

Workshop-meeting for trainers of national song and dance subject

During the meeting, the participants specified the issues they see in the training program, offered solutions to them and then agreed over the tasks of the next stages.

Training sessions for instructors of the national song and dance subject
  • Training sessions were organized for instructors of the national song and dance subject in Yerevan, Armavir and Vayots Dzor regions. The first round of the training was carried out in Yerevan on June 19 and in Armavir and Vayots Dzor on June 26. The second round of the training was conducted and successfully completed in the third quarter, particularly, in the second half of August. At the end of the training, all participants took a final exam and those that passed were awarded certificates, which will grant them the chance to teach the subject at schools for a year.
  • Starting 2017-2018 academic year, the national song and dance subject will be implemented and taught in the fifth through seventh grades in Artsakh schools. To this end, National Song and Dance Academy began a two-round training of instructors of the subject in Artsakh. The first round embraced 17 instructors from Stepanakert and various regions in Artsakh – all the participants were introduced to the niceties of the national songs and dances and acquired new and useful skills to deliver the subject. The training program included eight songs and eight dances, including dance songs. The second round was carried out from August 26 to 30 and embraced …
  • From August 14 to 18, National Song and Dance Academy conducted additional training sessions aimed at the professional development of instructors delivering the 6th-7th grade syllabus. The additional training entailed 60 participants (25 were from Yerevan, and 35 from Armenian regions).
  • In September, another additional training was carried out. This time the training was meant for the instructors of the national song and dance subject that had not successfully passed the exams or had joined the training behind the schedule. The team took the necessary courses and received the same amount of knowledge as the previous groups. All participants successfully overcame the minimum threshold and were granted the right to teach the subject at schools.


Decree of the Armenian Minister of Education and Science and solemn certificate award ceremony

Armenian Minister of Education and Science Levon Mkrtchyan signed a decree by which the certificate awarded to the instructors of the national song and dance subject by National Song and Dance Academy at the end of the teacher training sessions grants the right to deliver the subject in schools.

Following the decision, on September 3, Ayb School hosted the solemn ceremony of awarding certificates to teachers that had passed the training. During the event, National Song and Dance Academy presented T-shirts to the teachers and awarded the certificates.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science Davit Sahakyan, National Song and Dance Academy’s trustees and other guests were present at the event. Chairman of the Board of Trustees Gagik Ginosyan congratulated all participants on the training program and wished them success on their way of accomplishing their mission.

The 123 teachers that had participated in the training are today conducting the subject in public schools.

As of today, the national song and dance is a mandatory subject in 222 schools in Armenia and in 16 schools in Artsakh.


Gagik Ginosyan – Member of International Dance Council

On July 5, the 50th World Congress on Dance Research, organized by UNESCO’s International Dance Council, was held in Athens. During the Congress, Gagik Ginosyan became a member of the International Dance Council (CID) at UNESCO.

The Congress hosted 300 conferees from 69 countries, and four of the participants were from Armenia.

In addition, on July 6, Gagik Ginosyan held a workshop of Armenian traditional ritual circle dances, and on July 7, he delivered a speech on the theme “Armenian traditional culture as a cornerstone for forming the identity of the new generation.”

The International Dance Council at UNESCO is an official dance organization recognized by many international institutions, and embraces over 700 member organizations, as well as dance specialists, academicians, and professors from more than 150 different countries of the world.

Participation in Expo held within the Armenia-Diaspora Pan-Armenian Conference

On September 18-19, National Song and Dance Academy, along with the Ayb Educational Foundation, took part in the exposition held within the framework of the Armenia-Diaspora Pan-Armenian Conference, and the Aybar dance group simply “adorned” the exposition with its beautiful performances. Thanks to the participation, the Academy acquired one more supporter, and today the number of supporters reaches 36.

Enrichment of Scientific Center

The enrichment of the National Song and Academy’s Scientific Center continues. Several equipment have already been purchased.

It should be reminded that the Science Center was established in the first quarter of 2017 and it will ensure the smooth work and development of all areas of the Academy’s activity.

Website Development

The development of the website of National Song and Dance Academy is over. The website is already up and running.

It should be reminded that the website development has been entrusted to Instigate Engineering Company.

Thwarting the Evil – organization of the event

On October 13, with the support of the Folk Art Hub Foundation, the NSDA organized and held the “Thwarting the Evil” event, in which NSDA friends, national song and dance instructors, schoolchildren and other people participate. The goal behind the event was to understand through songs, dances and predictions how people used to perceive success and failure, the good and evil in the past and how they used to “eradicate” the negative.

NSDA at the three-day Ayb events, including at Ayb Games

From October 13 to 15, the three-day Ayb events were held and NSDA participated in the Ayb Games, which form part of these events. During the Games, the Acaedemy held an open dance class for the guests. Also, the NSDA had a special pavilion, where the Academy staff used to teach all interested persons how to make dolls.

Meeting with trainers

In October-December, the Academy staff had a meeting with the teachers-trainers to discuss further program monitoring steps. One of those steps was collecting class delivery videos from the trained teachers and examining them.

Digitization of national song and dance materials

In October-December, the NSDA started works aimed at the digitization and development of archive materials. These works will be ongoing.

Ayb’s New Projects

Khan Academy Armenia

Armenian version of Khan Academy Armenia’s website

Works aimed at the preparation of the Armenian version of Khan Academy Armenia continued in the third quarter as well. These works had started in the second quarter. Over this time,  more than 50 volunteers were involved in the translation of the English version of the website and in recording of new videos.

The demo version of the website was launched In November.

It should be mentioned that as of late December, around 400 articles, 350 exercises and 620 videos have been translated within the framework of the project. The translated materials include elementary math, arithmetic, elementary algebra, algebra and geometry.

The development and translation of Armenian language and programming videos will start in 2018.

Certificates of acknowledgment to volunteers

In the period of August-December, the Ayb Educational Foundation awarded certificates of acknowledgement to the project’s all current and previous volunteers for their significant and unconditional input in the establishment of the project. Around 60 volunteers received certificates of acknowledgment.

Khan Academy Armenia on social networks

To keep the audience regularly tuned to Khan Academy Armenia’s work and more effectively disseminate the videos made within the framework of the project, the project’s team decided to have social presence on three more social platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Participation in the annual conference of Khan Academy translators

From September 16 to 18, Khan Academy Armenia participated in the annual conference of translators in Tbilisi.

The challenges of educational technologies were the main theme of the conference, which mainly discussed the role of Khan Academy in the contemporary education system.

Several members of Khan Academy staff and representatives from more than 18 countries participated in the conference.

It should be noted that these conferences are important for a new team such as Khan Academy Armenia, because they give an opportunity to communicate with experienced teams. The new contacts are important for the future development of the project and will help the Armenian team to organize the project more productively and spread the translated resources more efficiently.

Technological University of Armenia

At a consultation held on October 12, Adviser to the Armenian President, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Ayb School Fr. Mesrop Aramian presented the concept of establishing the Technological University of Armenia — a new education initiative — to President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan.


Public officials in charge of education and other stakeholders, among them Minister of Education and Science of Armenia Levon Mkrtchyan and Deputy Minister Davit Sahakyan, were present at the consultation.

According to Fr. Mesrop, the establishment of such a university in Armenia is the imperative of today’s technological era.

The University will focus on the development of breakthrough trends in the field of high technologies. Thanks to cooperation with Armenian and foreign universities and research institutes, the graduates of the university will have the opportunity to receive two diplomas: one from the Armenian Technological University and the other from the partner university.

At the end of the consultation, the President instructed to further improve the concept and submit a finalized version to the Armenian government․

Resumption of Formula for Success project

In collaboration with Yerevan Productions, the Ayb Educational Foundation resumed the  Formula for Success project, which used to enjoy high demand among the public.

It is a series of free master classes delivered by successful specialists and entrepreneurs with the goal to let the Armenian audience learn about the true stories of success and the personal experience of the speakers, unveil the constituent parts and secrets to success, and foster the self-education and professional development of the Armenian youth.

In the period of October-December, the project hosted the following speakers:

  • Artur Janibekyan (Comedy Club Production)
  • Armen Orujyan (Athgo Corporation, FAST)
  • Stephan Solzhenitsyn (McKinsey&Company)
  • Ruben Vardanyan (Joomag)
  • David Yang (ABBYY, Findo, iiko)
  • Vigen Sargsyan (Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia)
  • Hrachik Aghajanyan (IT sector, founder at Waiki)
  • Aram Mnatsakanov (restaurant business)
  • Artur Martirosyan (negotiation and conflict management)

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It should be noted that discussions with Artur Martirosyan resulted in one more format for master classes, which was eventually successfully brought to life – a closed meeting with a limited number of people on a professional topic. Participation in the meeting requires donation to Ayb’s development fund.

These close meetings in addition to the open and free master classes are expected to morph into a tradition in case of certain guests.

Goodwill Dinner project

The Goodwill Dinner project of charity meeting-dinners kicked off in mid-October with the goal to raise scholarship funds for students from Armenian regions and Artsakh studying in Ayb High School. The project has received wide acclaim from both our guests and the audience. In October-December period, nine meetings have been held and a total sum of AMD2,696,615 has been raised.

In the period of October-December, the project hosted the following guests:

  • David Yang
  • Vahan Kerobyan
  • Hasmik Papyan
  • Nur
  • Ralf Yirikian
  • Armen Orujyan
  • Shushanik Arevshatyan
  • Zhirayr Avanyan

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To implement the project, the Ayb Educational Foundation collaborates with six restaurants that gift dinner to the guests so that all funds raised within the framework of the project completely serve their initial goal.

Those restaurants are:

  • Ai Leoni Italian Restaurant
  • Ankyun (Corner)
  • Casa De Espana
  • Dolmama
  • Sinatra
  • Tufenkian Kharpert
Monte Melkonyan Military and Training College

As mentioned in Ayb’s second quarterly report, in 2017, the Ayb Educational Foundation and the Armenian Ministry of Defense specified the main areas of their cooperation within the framework of Monte Melkonyan Training and Military College. In this regard, the Ayb Educational Foundation performed the following activities in the third quarter:

  • Organized the student admission process for the 10th, 11th and 12th From July 8 to 10, 141 students took two entrance exams – one in Armenian language and the second in math.
  • From July 12 to 17, the students who did well in the exams were invited for an interview. Eventually 80 students were admitted to the college.
  • Organized the teacher enrollment process. The exams were held from August 8 to 18 in nine subjects, including math, physics, chemistry, biology, Armenian language and literature, Armenian history, geography, Russian, and English. Forty-seven teachers took the exams and those that succeeded were then interviewed. Eventually the college’s academic staff was enriched by 13 teachers.
  • Got involved in the development of the college’s content, organization of academic processes as well as budget drafting.

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