Ayb School Q3-4/2017

Interesting, Important and Inspiring Events and Projects
Internship Fair

To spend summer efficiently and have a better idea of future profession, on July 1, Ayb School students and alumni took part in the traditional and annual Ayb Internship Fair held under the theme “Learning by Doing.”

The Fair began with presentations and workshops. Various Armenian companies from winemaking to branding took part in the internship fair: Ameriabank, LegalLab Law Boutique, Ayb Educational Foundation, Armenia Marriott Hotel, etc.

Rock mood in Ayb

On July 2, Ayb School’s hall was crowded with rock music fans. The school hosted the concert of the famous Armenian rock bands Nemra, The Windrose, Lav Eli and Dogma. Ayb School’s rock band, the Battle of Evermore, opened the concert that took place within the framework of the Rockapatum project of the Ayb School students’ Art Club.

After the concert, member of The Windrose band Artur noted that it’s great to have schools encouraging children’s creative undertakings. It should be mentioned it was The Windrose’s second concert on Ayb’s stage.

Project-based learning (PBL) is an innovative educational program introduced in Ayb School in 2015. It is built on “Learning by doing” theory of education and organizes the learning process around projects. As part of the projects, students form teams implement large-scale, long-term and real-life projects, which aim to solve various community issues. PBL helps students develop a number of vital skills.

Ayb Banakum on the shore of Lake Sevan

Once the tough cycle of the final examinations was over, the hustle and bustle so much typical of Ayb proceeded to Port Ayas, a picturesque shore of Lake Sevan. Ayb students were there to participate in the traditional four-day summer and military camp — Banakum — held within the framework of the Military Science and First Aid subject.

During the four-day camp, all participants gained a number of practical skills, including weapons training, first aid, tactical and physical training, grenade exploration, camouflage, mine detection, etc.

The participants did not have to wait long to apply in practice the skills they obtained, as on the last day, they climbed a mountain and performed tactical exercises. They were to detect the rival’s hidden posts and understand the direction of their mobility.

Ayb students at Armenia-Diaspora Conference

On September 17-18, the Ayb Educational Foundation took part in the exposition organized within the scope of the 6th Armenia-Diaspora Pan-Armenian Conference. The guests not only learned about Ayb’s present and future projects but also became part of a memorable and pleasant hustle and bustle created by Ayb students.

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For two days in a row, they demonstrated exciting experiments in chemistry, physics, biology, and a drone made by Ayb Robotics Club. Ayb’s young painters offered guests to become heroes of their sketches. In another corner, the guests were trying to solve mathematical puzzles. Ayb School’s Aybar dance group’s performances united and inspired the audience and raised the national spirit.

During the two-day Pan-Armenian Conference, lots of people from all over the world, from Australia to Canada, got acquainted with the Ayb Educational Foundation’s ten-year activity. Our new connections promise to be productive.

European Day of Languages in Ayb

On September 26, the multilingual Ayb community celebrated the European Day of Languages with the participation of Ayb High and Middle School students. The slogan of the day was Languages for Languages.

During the event, the high School students recited lines from Gregory of Narek’s “Book of Lamentations” both in the original Classical Armenian version and translated into six languages: modern Armenian, Russian, English, French, Spanish, and German. Afterward, the students of the Middle School read literary works by different authors in original languages.

Ayb Games 2017

On October 15, Ayb School hosted Ayb Games, the most beloved sporting event, which began with the oath ceremony – a solemn promise the new students and teachers of Ayb give, thus officially becoming members of Ayb community.

This year, students had prepared delicious dishes for the food fair. The tables were decorated with wonderful cupcakes, tasty pizzas, nutritious sandwiches, and healthy fruit salads.

In parallel with the food fair and dances, there were competitive and non-competitive games, which lasted till the end of the day. Non-competitive games constituted the most active part of Ayb Games. The elementary school students were the best in it. Parents and other guests recalled their childhood games by taking part in different competitions with ropes and small and large balls, showing once again that it is possible to have a fun and interesting day without Internet and tech gadgets.

At the end of the day, harissa, a national Armenian dish, was blessed and the entire community enjoyed this tasty and beloved warm dish. All participants left in high spirits with a “resolution” to train better for the Ayb Games 2018.

Participation in a charity campaign

On November 4, Ayb High School students participated in Armenian Tree Project’s (ATP) Community Tree Planting to increase the number of green areas in Yerevan.

This time, the tree planting was held in Yerablur Military Pantheon and more than 2000 trees and shrubs were planted on an area of 10 hectares.

 Participants of Dance in the School project in Ayb

From November 16 to 19, Ayb School, which is a Goethe-Institut partner school, hosted members of the Dance in the School project.

More than thirty schoolchildren came together from different cities of Armenia and Georgia to learn German. The participants were from four cities – Yerevan, Chambarak, Kutaisi, and Telavi.

Ayb School’s 9th- and 10th-grade students took part in the project. All the members learned how to express their thoughts by dancing, which they did with the help of group works and dance classes conducted by dance teachers An Boekman, Elia Patrizi and Lisa Regehr who are from the German TanzZeit center.

The project was summed up on November 19, when the participants staged a performance, during which they explained German adjectives, pronouns, verbs and other words in dance language.

Ayb Middle School’s Sportlandia

On November 22, Ayb School played host to Sportlandia, during which the Middle School students demonstrated their physical state, competed in individual and team games, and simply spent a good time with friends.

The games had one thing in common – they all required teamwork and were organized with that very goal – to develop children’s teamwork skills.

Students from Berkaber in Ayb School

On December 2, Ayb School hosted students from Berkaber village’s school, Tavush region. The children toured the school and took part in a number of interesting lessons, including national dance, thinking skills and ITC classes.

At the end of the day, they visited the fablab, where they cast a closer look at the drones, 3D printers, and robots made by Ayb students.

Ayb School’s New Year Charity Fair

On December 3, the series of New Year events kicked off in Ayb School. The events were opened with Ayb School’s Annual New Year Charity Fair, which was organized by Ayb School alumni. The guests had the opportunity to purchase interesting and unique gifts, holiday decorations, bags, toys, postcards, handmade crafts by our students, and traditional tasty food made by our parents’ community. There was no need to worry about beautiful packaging for purchased gifts, because this year there was also a corner for gift packaging.

For the first time this year, the younger visitors had the opportunity to participate in interesting workshops, where they learned how to solve a Rubic’s cube, make Christmas toys, bracelets, origamis, as well as take part in embroidery and miniature lessons with their parents.

The Christmas Caroling Choir added to the magic of the day, performing beloved and well-known New Year songs.

The entire sum raised from the fair, to the tune of AMD 1,493,490, has been allocated for the acquisition of individual lockers for four classrooms of Building C.

Hour of Code event in Ayb

At the initiative of Ayb School and Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia (MIC Armenia), on December 10, Ayb High School hosted the fourth Hour of Code event. The event aims to foster children’s interest in programming and develop their logic.

This year, more than 300 students from different regions of Armenia participated in the event. Over 50 developers from leading Armenian IT companies were involved in the event as mentors, trying to explain various algorithms and functions to participants through games relevant to their age as well as to teach them real coding.

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Ucom, partner of the event, provided smooth and fast Internet during the event, while Menu.am made sure that no participant was left hungry.

Every year the Hour of Code event brings together over 280 million participants from 180 countries to raise children’s interest in programming and develop their mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Ayb’s New Year symbols

On December 23, the entire Ayb community gathered in the school to participate in Ayb’s New Year event, which was held in a new format this year – it came without a script, forethought plot and main characters.

Victories and Achievements
Ayb’s team wins national stage of World Robot Olympiad

On July 11, Ayb School’s Kaizen team comprising students from the elementary school won the national stage of the World Robot Olympiad (WRO). This year, seven teams from various schools in Armenia took part in the competition.

The theme of the WRO 2017 was Sustainabots: Robots for Sustainability. The mission this year was to build a robot that makes the region more sustainable in one of the following four goals — affordable and clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, climate action, and life on land — thus making the world a better place.

It should be reminded that the World Robot Olympiad is one of the most large-scale robotics competitions in the world. Its national stage in Armenia is organized by the Ayb Educational Foundation. The competition has been held in Armenia since 2016.

Ayb students named best in IT

In October, 2017 Ayb School graduate Simon Zohrabyan and Ayb High School student Shant Sargsyan received the annual Presidential Education Award in the nomination for “Best Student in IT Sphere.”

This year, 26 students from five universities and 17 from eight high schools have received the Annual Presidential Education Award.

So far, 452 students have received the Presidential Education Award in IT sphere for various nominations.

Ayb students project – winner of 100 Ideas for Armenia Pan-Armenian Youth Contest

On December 4, the final stage of the 100 Ideas for Armenia Pan-Armenian youth contest was held in Yerevan and the Aybplast project of the Green Chemistry club of Ayb School students was named a winner in the Agricultural Science and Biotechnology category.

Ayb’s students competed with nine teams in the final and got the unanimous approval of the jury, significantly being ahead of the other projects.

«Այբ»-ի աշակերտների նախագիծը՝ «100 գաղափար Հայաստանի համար» համահայկական երիտասարդական մրցույթի հաղթ

Within the Aybplast project, our students made harmless and decomposable plastic bags from potatoes and corn.

2nd place in Goodness in Armenia Photo Contest

In December, Elen Nahapetyan, a 12th-grade student of Ayb School, took the 2nd place in the photo contest “Goodness in Armenia” organized by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Armenia.

The competition was open; there were no age restrictions, and each participant could present up to three photos. Participants were either professionals or amateur-level. In total, 90 photographs were presented to the organizers.

Visits and Meetings
Visit of the Head Master of Westminster School to Ayb

From July 27 to August 2, at the official invitation of the Ayb Educational Foundation, Patrick Derham, the Head Master of Westminster School, came to Armenia. Mr. Derham’s visit to Armenia was organized within the framework of the roll-out of the Araratian Baccalaureate educational program to schools in Armenia, for the purpose of establishing cooperation and exchange of practice.

While in Armenia, Mr. Derham visited Ayb School as well as UWC Dilijan, Dilijan Central School, Tumo Center for Creative Technologies, and American University of Armenia to get acquainted with the innovative projects and reforms carried out in Armenia’s education sector.

Meeting with Ayb Club members Sargis Badalyan and Arsen Galstyan

On October 13, Ayb School hosted Sargis Badalyan and Arsen Galstyan, members of Ayb Club and representatives of the medical field.

The discussion with Sargis Badalyan, the head of SIMS-2 company that sells medical equipment, and special equipment for disabled people, and Arsen Galstyan, a businessman in medical and innovational spheres, head of Hemostatika company, was very interesting and useful especially for those Ayb School students and graduates whose future profession is linked to medicine and biology.

“To understand what medicine is, we need to understand what human is,” Arsen Galstyan gave a clear explanation for the sophisticated science.

The guests spoke about important medical problems and answered various questions on biology and human health.

Meeting with Nobel Prize laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s son

On October 16, Stepan Solzhenitsyn, the son of 20th-century Russian writer, publicist, Nobel Prize laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn, MIT and Harvard University graduate, translator and leading expert in electrical and heat energy at McKisney, visited Ayb School.

Stepan Solzhenitsyn visited the school to tour the schools and particularly, the library named after his father. In the library he met with schoolchildren and shared his childhood memories, impressions of his visit to Armenia, and his vision for education.

This was Solzhenitsyn’s first visit to Armenia.

Meeting with Ambassador of Germany to Armenia

On November 17, within the framework of Goethe Institute’s cooperation with Ayb School, Ambassador of Germany to Armenia Matthias Kiesler visited the school and had a meeting with the students. During the meeting, Mr. Kiesler talked about Germany’s past, history, external and internal relationships as well as presented interesting theses about running the government and policy.

At the end of the meeting, Ayb students asked questions, which mostly focused on education standards in Germany, German products, and even Kiesler’s football preferences.

The new academic year in Ayb

Ayb School started the new academic year with 398 students. The day began with the word of welcome of students and continued with the flag hoisting ceremony. After that our students welcomed the new “crew members” and the 12th graders accompanied the first graders to school.


Elementary School (grades 1-4) 139 (32 first graders)
Middle School (grades 5-9) 101
High School (grades 10-12) 158*
Total 398


Total 105

(31 Honored Art Workers, Masters of Sports, Doctors and Candidates of Sciences, and 38 with 10+ years of pedagogical experience)

* This year, students were admitted to Ayb High School through open, internal, and special admissions. Thus, 35 of the students were admitted through open admission (from other schools), 22 of the students were admitted through internal admission (from Ayb Middle School and Dilijan Central School), and 23 of the students were admitted through special regional admission. The geography of students who will study in Ayb High School includes the regions Armavir (4), Kotayk (7), Shirak (4), Lori (1), Syunik (1), Gegharkunik (3), Tavush (3) in Armenia as well as Artsakh (4).

It should be noted that by decision of Ayb School’s Board of Trustees, for the first time Ayb High School held special regional admission only for applicants from regions. Students enrolled through regional admissions have received full financial aid during three years of study (if the GPA is above 80) and have been provided with accommodation in AGBU Vahe Karapetyan Center in Yerevan.

This year’s major milestone

On October 14, the new building C of Ayb School officially opened its doors.

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President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, Minister of Education and Science Levon Mkrtchyan, other high-ranking officials, school benefactors and supporters attended the solemn opening ceremony. The ceremony began with the performance of Ayb School Choir, which was followed by the speeches of Minister of Education and Science of Armenia Levon Mkrtchyan and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Ayb School Fr. Mesrop Aramian. Afterwards the blessing and the ribbon-cutting ceremonies took place.

The new building designed by Storaket Architectural Studio represents a four-story structure with unique architectural solutions. It covers a total area of 4200 square meters, has 11 classrooms, and is designed for 180 students.

Ayb School’s new building is equipped with modern educational technologies, laboratories, arts and crafts studios, a sport hall, an amphitheater, game and recreation zones and more, to create an interesting and saturated learning space and to maximally unleash children’s creative potential.

The construction of Ayb’s new building has become possible thanks to dozens of Ayb donors and benefactors united around the idea of education.

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