Ayb School Q1/2018

In the first quarter of 2018, Ayb School kept up with its active and inspiring life: students  participated in environmental events, had the chance to have two online lessons with the students of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, hosted over five guests who talked about various topics – from realizing the importance of education to choosing profession and a university, etc.

In addition to the above-mentioned, Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing announced Ayb School an international test center. Read more about this as well as other activities below.

Ayb School Students’ Activity in the Environmental Sector

To foster eco-education in special protection areas and increase students’ involvement in environmental events, in early January, Ayb School and the Armenian branch of World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) began  the Junior Rangers education initiative, which is held in Armenia for the first time. Within the framework of the project, Ayb School students will contribute to the development of ecotourism in the special protection area, reinforcement of the protection, monitoring of the wildlife, etc. The pilot program will last six months.

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It should be noted that in case of being a success in Armenia, this model of eco-education might be also introduced in other special protection areas in Armenia as a tool for environmental education, which is especially important in terms of engaging young people from adjacent communities in environmental protection.

The Junior Ranger Program was established in 2002 by the European Conservation Area Federation (EUROPARC). It currently unites more than 5,000 teenagers from almost all over the Europe, as well as 80 protected areas in 19 EU countries.

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On March 3, Ayb High and Middle School students planted trees in Ayb territory. Overall the school territory was enriched by 150 trees.

Online lessons between the students of Ayb School and Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools

In the first quarter of 2018, on February 10, the students of Ayb School and Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools had their first online lesson.

During the first lesson, the students of the two schools spoke about children’s rights in their countries and about education and social issues, offering their solutions for them.

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Following the success of the first lesson, on February 24, the students of the two schools had their second lesson, which was dedicated to intercultural communication. During this lesson, students made interesting presentations on their culture, traditions and symbols, sang their national anthems, etc. Some of the students had opted for national dresses and costumes, which made the atmosphere even warmer.

Ayb School students in Gyumri and Dilijan

On February 8, Ayb School students joined member of Ayb Club and Ayb School’s Board of Trustees, donor Sargis Badalyan and his mentees to visit Avetik Isahakyan’s House Museum in Gyumri and donate a computer, which they had bought thanks to the fundraising organized by Sargis Badalyan and his mentees.

Ավետիք Իսահակյանի թանգարան (3)
At Avetik Isahakyan’s House Museum

On February 18, Ayb School students, including Aybar Dance Group, led by Aram Pakhchanian, and the representatives of the National Song and Dance Academy and members of the Karin Folk Dance and Song Group led by Gagik Ginosyan visited Armenian Defense Ministry’s Monte Melkonyan Militar and Training College where they had a meeting with the college’s leadership and students. The meeting with the students was beyond interesting and inspiring; not only did they have an interesting talk with Mr. Ginosyan on military preparation and the role of military dance, but also learned to dance and joined hands for military and national dances.

As a result of the meeting with the college’s leadership, an agreement was reached on adding military dance to the college’s subject list for the 10th-11th grades. It will be taught at the college starting April 2.

Meetings and discussions on career and university counseling

In the first quarter of 2018, Ayb School students had a number of meetings dedicated to career and university counseling: two of these meetings were held by Ayb alumni and the rest by Ayb Club members, particularly, David Pakhchanian, Arthur Alaverdyan and Arsen Galstyan.

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Meetings of Ayb alumni with current students. Within the framework of horizontal mentorship, on January 12, various 2013-2017 Ayb graduates came together in Ayb School for a meeting with high school students. During this gathering the alumni spoke about their specializations and universities as well as discussed the peculiarities of studying the same specialization in different universities.

Online workshop for Ayb High School students. On January 26, Ayb School alumni, now a student at the University of California San Diego Davit Nikoghosyan and his university friends held an online workshop speaking about the possibilities of professions with various combinations of sciences, further career paths, etc.

Դավիթ Փախչանյան
Meeting of Ayb School students and alumni with David Pakhchanian

Meeting of Ayb School students and alumni with David Pakhchanian. On March 2, Ayb Club member, member of the Ayb Educational Foundation’s Board of Trustees, Deputy Defense Minister of Armenia David Pakhchanian had a meeting with Ayb School’s alumni and students during which Mr. Pakhchanian spoke about the new laws related to the army, including the abolition of military deferment, and the new projects, including the “I Am” and “I Have the Honor.” “These changes aim to offer young people the best options for choice and use their potential at the most along with settling current army issues,” said Mr. Pakhchanian.

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Meeting of Ayb School students and alumni with Arthur Alaverdyan. On March 23, Ayb High School students and alumni visited Solaron Factory, a manufacturer of solar panels, and were met by the factory’s co-founder and director, member of the Ayb Club and Ayb School’s Board of Trustees Arthur Alaverdyan. He told the children about the manufacturing of devices generating alternative energy as well as about his practice in the field of entrepreneurship. The next day Mr. Alaverdyan visited Ayb School and within the framework of the Thinking Skills subjects spoke about the various skills that are required in the field of business, new startups and manufacturing.

Meeting of Ayb School students and alumni with Arsen Galstyan and his guests. In late May, at the invitation of Ayb Club member Arsen Galstyan, leader in healthcare management, Senior Lecturer at Higher School of Economics Mikhail Yugay and his wife Maria Yugay, experienced  oculoplastic surgeon, came to Yerevan. On March 23, Mikhail Yugay spoke about his activities and career path, stereotypes and beliefs that are deeply rooted in humanity and often don’t correspond to the reality, about the development opportunities that today seem imaginary and about the totally new professions and demand for knowledge that spring from them. Ayb School students and alumni interested in this topic participated in the master class.

Յուգայ (2)
Senior Lecturer at Higher School of Economics Mikhail Yugay

On March 24, within the framework of the Thinking Skills subject, Maria Yugay told the 10th graders about the problems of ophthalmology and the latest innovations in this field. On the same day Arsen Galstyan, Mikhayil and Maria Yugay had a meeting with Ayb alumni studying at Yerevan State Medical University. They spoke about the forecasts of the future of medicine and discussed the peculiarities of P4 medicine, preventive and individual medication approaches, employment of technologies in the diagnosis, and the possibility of creating a bionic eye.

Besides career counseling, Ayb School students also had the chance to host and/or to talk with candidate for the President of Armenia (now President) Armen Sargsyan and Russian politician Alexander Voloshin.

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Meeting with Armen Sargsyan. On February 12, Ayb School hosted Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Armenia to the United Kingdom, candidate for the 4th President of Armenia (now President) Armen Sargsyan. Mr. Sargsyan toured the school, got acquainted with the school’s environment and afterward had an interesting talk with students on the importance of education, studying well and being goal-oriented.

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Meeting with Alexander Voloshin. On February 15, Ayb School hosted Russian politician Alexander Voloshin, who has been the Chief of the Russian presidential administration until 2003. Mr. Voloshin toured the school and had a discussion with Aram Pakhchanian on Araratian Baccalaureate, the education program which is taught at the school, on the importance of project-based learning (PBL), etc.

New Collaborations

Collaboration with Cambridge Assessment

On February 21, 2018, Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing announced Ayb School an international testing center.

The testing center offers 21 examinations, which will give students the chance to enter Cambridge University as well as other British universities. The examinations include Asia and Middle East studies, medicine, economics, literature, history, mathematics, philosophy, engineering, and other subjects. See the full test list here.

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