Dilijan School Q1/2018

In the first quarter of 2018, Dilijan Central School continued its active work, conducting various events and projects that contribute to the students’ self-cognition, as well as presentation, communication and intercourse skills, the most important of which are summarized below.

Students of Vanadzor Basic School No. 23 named after Admiral Isakov at DCS

In order to develop a culture of cooperation among the students of schools, on February 16, Dilijan Central School hosted 7th-grade students of Vanadzor Basic School No. 23 named after Admiral Isakov.

During one extremely interesting school day spent together, the students from the two schools attended pottery, chemistry, and dance classes, prepared jewelry, learned and danced Karno Kochari and Tamzara dances. The guests also made a tour of the school, got acquainted with the history of the school establishment, the building conditions, and the daily life of the students.

Interschool Programming Contest

On February 16, Dilijan Central School hosted the interschool programming contest for the first time.

Sixteen students of 7th-9th grades from the following five schools of Dilijan community participated in the contest:

  1. Dilijan Basic School 2
  2. Dilijan Basic School 6
  3. Secondary School named after V. Ananyan
  4. Teghut Secondary School
  5. Haghartsin Secondary School


Narek Sargsyan, a student from Dilijan Basic School No. 2, was recognized as the first place winner at the contest.

National Recitation Contest

On March 10, six DCS students took part in the regional stage of the annual national recitation contest, held at the newly constructed Smart Center of the Children of Armenia Fund in Lori region.

DCS students did not just make a wonderful performance at the contest, but also made great impression on the jury members and took four prize-winning places, including the first place. Emma Hovsepyan was recognized as the winner at the regional stage and will take part in the final round of the contest in Yerevan, in May.


Among other DCS students taking prize-winning places, Raffi Hovhannisyan won the second place, and Ishkhan Hovhannisyan and Elina Danielyan shared the third place.

We congratulate all participants and wish Emma good luck at the final stage to be held in May.

It should be noted that the contest was organized by Peace Corps Armenia in cooperation with the American University of Armenia.

Summarizing the My Family Tree Project

In order to promote the students’ self-cognition and their knowledge of their own dynasty, the My Family Tree project was implemented in the DCS during the first quarter of 2018.

The results of this interesting project that stirred up great enthusiasm among the students were summarized on March 12: the project had eight winners in three nominations. The nominations were as follows:

  • Best design: Narek Davtyan, Nana Santrosyan, and Elina Danielyan were recognized as the winners in this nomination.
  • Best story: Mane and Hrachuhi Andreasyan, Mane and Tatev Grigoryan, and Elina Danielyan were recognized as the winners in this nomination.
  • Teamwork with the family: Harutyun Kocharyan and Nazeli Yesayan were recognized as the winners in this nomination.

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All winners were awarded with books.

Tree Planting in Aknaghbyur

To communicate with the children who study in the border villages, comprehend thoroughly the importance of nature, and see the historical and cultural monuments of Armenia, 7th and 8th grade students of DCS visited the border village Aknaghbyur and Makaravank monastery on March 26.

On March 26, employees of ATP charity foundation that conducts tree planting activity in Armenia were in Aknaghbyur as well. They held an environmental training for DCS and Aknaghbyur school students, after which the students planted apple and pear trees on the school’s land plot. Then the two schools had an exciting football match, followed by national dances.

From Aknaghbyur, DCS students went to Makaravank monastery together with Aknaghbyur children, where they carried out joint cleaning and garbage collection works.

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