Ayb School Q2/2018

The second quarter of 2018 was marked by new achievements and strides Ayb School students made, as well as the major event of 2017-2018 academic year – the Last Bell and the graduation event of the sixth generation of Ayb School students.

Ucom Digital Lab opens in Ayb School

On April 12, within its corporate social responsibility Ucom opened Ucom Digital Lab exclusive room-laboratory was opened in Ayb School; the lab is fully equipped with the support of Ucom.


The lab grants children aged 5-10 the opportunity to gain skills in artificial intelligence, learn programming, combine computer possibilities with art, etc.

Victories and academic achievements

On April 12-14, Ayb School’s engineering club participated in the National Robotics Challenge 2018 in the US and won the third place and got two Honda Innovation Awards, which is a unique case in the history of this competition.

In May, Ayb School students recorded excellent results in the republican stage of subject olympiads being awarded 3 first class, 6 second class and 3 third class diplomas.

In the same month the students also registered the following victories:

  • Ayb School 11th grade student Hayk Kassarjian won the first place and 10th grade student Ani Harutyunyan in the international stage of the Write On! international creative writing competition supported by Peace Corps Volunteers.
  • Ayb School 12th grade student Emilia Simonian won the first place in the national stage of the annual National (English) Poetry Recitation Contest.

Art in the spotlight

On April 7-8, at the invitation of UWC Dilijan students, Ayb School students participated in the Art Week, which aimed to bring together local artists and celebrate cultural diversity. During the two-day event Ayb’s painting group toured the college, drew sketches and organized an art exhibition featuring various styles.

On May 19, Ayb School’s art Week was launched in the school and was completed till May 27. The Art Week summed up the work the school’s art clubs had carried out over the year. The Art Week featured the exhibitions of the painting, graphic design, and theater groups and the concerts of the choirs, dance groups and the band.

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On May 30, Hello from the Future exhibition-discussion, jointly organized by Ayb School and Rostelecom enabled participants to get acquainted with the latest trends if the technologies of the future, learned about their employment in the most improbable spheres, for example, the employment of artificial intelligence in art, as well as the developments observed in Armenia. During the exhibition, Ayb School’s Tekhnosharzh Club demonstrated works created by artificial intelligence,

On June 28, the presentation of the project Following the Hidden Treasures took place at Silk Road Hotel. The project is implemented by the Film Factory club, which has been set up within the framework of Ayb School’s Project-based learning. AS part of the project, students have studied the treasures of Armenian culture and have made the following films: “Vishapagorg: the Hero of All Times” (vishapagorg is a dragon silhouette carpet style), “The Faience Memory” (about faience made by Armenian masters in Kutahia), “The Temple of Avan: Overcoming the Time,” “Gata Tracery: Life on the Dough,” “Following the Hidden Treasures: on Both Sides of the Shots,” and “Urfa: Inherited Flowers.”

It should be noted that the project Following the Hidden Treasures is aimed at studying folk and applied arts and publicize them through documentaries.

On June 1, Children’s Day, “Me: Symbolism Through the Eyes of Ayb Students” exhibition was opened at Sargis Muradyan Art Gallery. Prior to painting their works, the students had studied the works and bilographies of such world renowned symbolists as Edvard Munch, Pablo Picasso, Henri Rousseau, Frida Kahlo, Mikhail Vrubel and only after understanding the meaning of the symbols had gotten to work.

Ayb School students in border villages and abroad

From May 5 to 6, Ayb High School’s 31 students visited border village Nerkin Karmiraghbyur within the framework of the Aybapatum project by delivering classes for local children, This was Ayb students fourth visit to border villages.

It should be recalled that the main goal of Aybapatum project is to disseminate Ayb’s ideology in Armenia, starting the journey from the border villages, as well as to ensure exchange of experience between Ayb students and children in the villages.

From May 22 to 29, within the framework of Ayb School’s collaboration with Goethe Institute, 11th grade students Sona Markosyan and Sergey Surenyan took part in the 475th anniversary ceremony of Pforta School in Saxony-Anhalt state of Germany. German teachers Anush Lalayan and Srbuhi Lulukyan, and Head of Ayb School Aram Pakhchanyan accompanied them.

It should be noted that the collaboration with Pforta School was launched in April when Ayb hosted the delegation of Saxony-Anhalt state of Germany.

Important guests

In the second quarter, Ayb School hosted Patrick Derham, the Headmaster of Westminster School, and Arianne Caoili, chess player, Editor-in-Chief of Champord (Traveler) Weekly.

In early April, Ayb School hosted Headmaster of Westminster School, UK, Patrick Derham who was in Armenia at the invitation of President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian to strengthen education relations between the two countries. During his visit to Ayb School Mr. Derham had a meeting with the students speaking about Armenia, student’s studies in Ayb School as well as Ayb’s work.

On April 13, Ayb School hosted economist, chess player and Editor-in-Chief of Champord (Travelers) Weekly, who had an interesting talk with a number of Ayb School students (girls) speaking about gender equality and guarantees for women’s successful career.

The quarter’s milestone

Last Bell and graduation event

On May 25, Ayb School “rang” its Last Bell for the sixth generation of its students, which was then followed by the solemn graduation ceremony (June 23) when the school officially waved goodbye to its 31 graduates of the 2017-2018 academic year, by handing over their diplomas and Ayb Mentorship Program certificates.

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The event ended with the traditional round dance of the Ayb Club members and graduates who joined hands for Papuri, national folk dance. This memorable ceremony was followed by the meeting of the graduates and their mentors. The graduates received their symbolic traditional pendants and met and spoke with their mentors, who will be their elder counselors.

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It should be noted that it was the third generation of Ayb School that studied by the Araratian Baccalaureate education program. This year’s graduates have been offered to continue studies at top Armenia-based and foreign universities, from AUA to YSU, from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to Cambridge University.

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